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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Talking Thoughtless Gibberish: Operation Custard Cream

Last week I was challenged by Addman from Muppets for Justice to make a video showing me eating some custard creams.

I did it.

I made the video.

Easy peasy.

Or so I thought.

As you should know by now, technology is not my strongest point and although the video has been made it is of such piss poor quality that I am ashamed of it beyond belief.

However, the challenge was set and the video HAS been made and needs to be shown.

I have tried to upload the video straight to this post, but blogger must have some kind of algorithm that stops really rubbish videos from being uploaded... it works very well.

So the best I can do is share the video via youtube.

YouTube is also not my friend at the moment as the video has very poor sound.

I don't know why this is.

It plays fine on my laptop but once uploaded the sound is very quiet indeed.

If you want to spend 12 minutes and 42 seconds of your live watching me eat some biscuits then please have you headphones (or speakers) at the ready to get the most out something that offers very little.

If I ever decide to make more videos I will make sure that I have invested some money in a decent webcam, microphone and software.

But for now you can put up or shut up.

I came, I ate, I recorded.

That was all that was asked of me and I have achieved.

It is now upto Addman to create his own video showing his face being forced to consume some mass produced "jam" and shortbread.

Good luck everyone and sorry.

Custard Cream: 


  1. Hello Mr H I got to watch your youtube video and was well impressed and I was planning to leave a comment but then it sort of would not let me. Then your clip went private, but I got to watch it that is the main thing.

    I suspect it may be under attack by GCHQ and the members of Ja Do Anonymous, Keep fighting the fight Mr H. . . . .

    1. Cheers Rob. I have taken it off for now as I have had a bright idea (dangerous I know) and might be able to solve the audio issues. It should be back up in an hour or so in full mega 3D blast your ears off surround sound... or I will have to claim it's a mime. hahahahahaha.

    2. It is still a bit quiet Mr H, but with things turned up to 11 it sounds OK. It will give those Jammie Dodger folk something to try and better. So they can impress with their posh sound quality to make up for the rubbish biscuits.

      Custard Cream

    3. I fiddled as best I could but to no avail. Next time (if there is a next time) will be better. Thanks for watching though Rob. Think it might you and me (and Judge Dredd) against the world. hahahaha

  2. I am very impressed with your efforts Bumferry. It is nice to finally put a face to your name/voice. I just wish it were under different circumstances.

    I struggled to hear the audio at some points, but I'll try again when I'm at my PC. What did Gordon Brown say was his favourite biscuit?

    Anyway, although I admit that eating a whole packet would have been suicide,6 custard creams is not a lot at all. Considering that Jammie Dodgers are bigger and more substantial, when I eat the whole packet I am essentially going to be eating twice as much biscuit as you. nevertheless, my video reposte shall arrive forthwith.

    As for the Sainsbury's guy, I don't know how he made it to that position with such radically wrong viewpoints. I'd fire him if I ran Sainsbury's.

    1. I don't think Gordon ever said what his favourite biscuit was but it was probably rich tea.

      So, 6 custard creams is not enough eh? you WANT me to commit suicide do you? Is this a admittance of defeat?

      All I'm reading here are excuses.

      And you can leave the guy from sainsburys alone. He is a good man with fine taste in confectionery and sundries, that's how he got his job.

      Good luck with your video.


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