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Friday, 7 June 2013


Never in the history of mankind has anyone had to suffer such horrific persecution as I recently have.

Bercelloni said this, or words to that effect, but he is bloody crook and has the blackest greasiest hair in the world.

Jesus may have had a point, but he knew what he was getting into and it was all his dads fault anyway. Something to do with book sales or something….

Anyway. You may remember that last week I wrote a nice little post about the Humble Custard Cream and how much I enjoy eating them.

Nothing wrong with that.

But that didn’t stop the Jammie Dodger Nazi’s from harassing me and “threatening me” which really isn’t cricket at all.

This argument has even gone global with some lucky people who probably live in a place where the sun shines ALL THE TIME saying they have never even heard of Jammie Dodgers. (lucky bleeders).

This has cumulated in THIS recent post from Addman.

I had considered Addman to be a friend. Although I have never met him in person, I always thought nice things of him and assumed he had common sense and gumption. I have even done some voice work for him on his podcast (click here for biscuit nazi fun times) for NO MONEY.

How wrong could I be?

Not only did he comment on the blog in the manner of one of those loonies who still write in to Points of View, but he has taken to spreading his mind filth of the hatred of the Custard Cream and those who enjoy it’s economical value for money/taste/enjoyment on his own blog and challenged me to a duel of sorts.

In a nut shell, he want’s me to film myself eating a packet of custard creams to prove that they are not enjoyable.


What with the gay community being one step closer to true equality by seeing a victory for their rights to get married and the historical events of D-Day being remembered this week, it seems quite poignant and justified that TRUTH and RIGHTEOUSNESS must be called upon to quell the aggressive rhetoric of naysayers, wrong doers and evil megalomaniacs once again.

Now, I am not the sort of guy who goes around starting fights – but I will bloody well finish this one.

I will do it because I’m British, because I’m a lover of Custard Creams and because it is the right thing to do.

It appears you can’t trust anyone these day’s… especially people who eat Jammie Dodgers.

A video of me enjoying a packet of custard creams will follow shortly. Thankyou.


  1. You tell then Mr H as someone once said

    We will fight them in the tea rooms, we will fight them in the biscuit aisles, we will fight them on the camp sites, we will fight them in the retirement homes of Britain; we will never be defeated.......

    When I say we, I am cheering you on Mr H, but my head has been turned by Mr Kipling, Oooooo I do love a French fancy.

    1. I think it might be you and me against the world Rob.

      People as so fickle and just go with JAM because they want to be part of the in crowd, instead of being individuals like what you and me both are.

      I'll prove them wrong. Victory shall be ours,History will remember us.... I'm just not sure what for yet! hahahahahahahaha

    2. Well I have lived my life like that fighting the forces of Jam, the massed masses who all stick together due to a side effect where they are all covered in Jam.

      I think we need to point out that Jammie Dodgers attract wasps, and Custard Creams are the first choice of non other that the Queen

  2. This is a fools errand, Bumferry. My righteous love of Jammie Dodgers far outweighs your perceived custard cream lust. This is why the american government is monitoring your internet activity and calls, to find people like you and put in Guantanamo.

    1. Oh sorry.... did somebody hear something? It sounded like a tiny wet fart? hahahahahaha :)


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