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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Stupid Is, As Stupid Does


(is it still cool to say Yo?)
((Is it still cool to say cool??))

Never mind.

Today I come to you all with a challenge.

Having done this before with little success, I feel enough time has passed for us to give things another go.

I have been having a run of bad luck on the horse betting of late. Having tried many systems from pot luck all the way through checking form and past results, I just can not seem to find the winning horses at the races.

Not since my trip to Chester races last month, (where I won loads!!) have I had a profitable day.

With this in mind I am going to let you good readers decide on which horses I will bet on.

For those who have not played before here are the rules:

Choose one category from the list below.

Which ever gets the most votes wins.

I place bets on ALL the horses that fall into that category.

Any winnings are mine and will not be shared.

Any losses are mine and will not be shared.

So there you go.

You can revel in the all the fun of betting without having to put your hand in your pocket and lose.

Such Fun!

So here are your categories:


-Boys Names

-Girls Names



Pick just one of the above and pop your answer in the comments section below.

The competition closes on Sunday 10th November 2013 and the bets will be placed on Monday.

As a reminder, I only bet in pennies, so don't feel bad when I report back having lost all my money. It's all just a bit of fun.

In the meantime I am currently working on a little animation AND a song (of sorts), but more on that at a later date.

Good luck.... and Carry on!


  1. Hello Mr H all I can say at present is PHEW because we are doing our bit for our old friend Mr M in hospital and as I'm sure you know from Mrs H and her hospital trips they eat time like a hedgehog eats chocolate cake after a trip to a weight watchers meeting.

    Anyway I cant remember what I chose last time and not wishing to be influenced I have decided to go on gut feelings, that's my gut not Mr M's he is not well and really would not appreciate having his guts felt for the benefit of betting on the horses.

    So I say Geography if you find Ox Bow Lake running in the three thirty put the whole thirty pence on the nose.

    Good Luck Mr H I am with you in spirit.....

    1. Cheers Rob. I have a good feeling this time around. Keep 'em crossed.

  2. Geography. You can always bet on geography, as my geography teacher used to say, as a pickup line to the girls.

    1. Geography seems to be a popular choice over on the facebook as well. This could well be a landslide result. As for your geography teacher, was he known as Mr. Glitter? ooh- er

  3. I have returned to say Geography in a piece of blatant vote rigging.


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