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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Thursday morning boredom

This morning I am writing at you from the reception here on site, using my mobile telephonic device.

It is Thursday.

It is cold.

I am bored.

Tony one shoulder is back on site (you may remember him and his remote control) and he is already doing my head in.

He arrived before I started work yesterday... And making me do some actual work before I've had my second pint pot of tea is a good way of encouraging me to find new body hiding locations... I am running out of places to dispose of the empty husks of all those that have crossed my path and endured my wrath. (Hey.. That rhymes)

Once pitched up he then proceeded to mother me into finding out what his mobile phone number was.

A simple task (I rang my phone from his so his number shows up) which was only hampered by his incessant drawling on about his brother and .... Well I wasn't really paying attention.

In other news: for anyone who was following #PuddleWatch over on twitter you will be pleased to know that the puddle has returned. (Photos to follow).

God my life is dull at the moment (thankfully)

I shall this rather depressing post on an up with this joke by Tommy Cooper.... Enjoy.

"I walked into the pet shop the other day and said - I'd like to buy a goldfish please. The assistant said, certainly sir, would you like an aquarium?
I said, I'm not bothered what star sign it is... I just want a goldfish"


I bet you couldn't help reading that in his voice could you?

You can't go wrong with a bit of Tommy Cooper.

Must dash - somebody wants serving.... Bastards.


  1. Hello Mr H I tried that joke as Tommy Cooper which worked well, Gary Cooper which did not, John Cooper Clarke which worked well too . . . . . and Alice Cooper which failed badly because I don't do a good Alice Cooper impersonation.

    We have friends coming for lunch today so a little window of normality . . . . . PHEW

    1. I hope you id the joke for your friends at lunch and I hope they laughed until, but including, their lunch being spat out with hilarity at your brilliant impressions! Jus' Like That! hurhurhurhur.

    2. I did do the joke Mr H and it went very well. Although my old friend Ian knew loads of Tommy Cooper jokes and topped that off with the time he met him in a pub.....

  2. I don't know if I dare tune in for puddlewatch again, not after the mess I made in my trousers last time.

    1. It was a crazy time for all involved. They still talk about it in hushed tones down the old reck.


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