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Monday, 11 November 2013

And They're Off!

Thank you to everyone on Blogger and Facebook who took part in this stupid little venture of giving me an opportunity to lose money.

Today the votes have been counted assessed, jumbled up and recounted. 

The winner is....


And it won by a landslide.

This morning I have placed bets on the three race meets in the UK and the following horses are now facing the extra pressure of putting in an extra 100% to ensure I end up in profit.

southwell 14:05 lotus POND 9/1
carlisle 12:45 trouble in PARIS 8/1 
carlisle 15:00 running BROOK 66/1
carlisle 16:00 MARRAKECH trader 5/1
kempton 14:15 MOUNTIAN lion 2/1
kempton 16:20 RUSSIAN link 20/1
kempton 16:50 WALL STREET boss 10/3
kempton 17:20 KENT ragstone 9/1
kempton OCEAN applause 5/1

I have placed a number of bets including each horse to win (or come second) and another bet placed called DOUBLES.

This means that all the races are included in the bet, but not all of them have to be winners for me to win. (it's a bit complicated but works for me)

I have also placed a 1p bet on ALL the horses to win. This little 1p bet could return a ridiculous £1,000,000.00

The odds are astronomical but like the saying goes - you have got to be in it to win it.

I will try and update each result over on twitter as they happen.

You can follow my march to millionareship by following @SinkingShip_UK where I also spout nonsense and ramblings on a semi regular basis.

There are some examples over there on the right side of the page. 

Here we go!


  1. I'm actually excited by this. I'm living vicariously through your gambling habits. Does that make me an enabler? GO HORSIES GO!

    1. Yes. You are a leech of the worst order. People like you make me sick. ;O)


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