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Monday, 11 November 2013

Super Glue and Pedigree Chum


I come at you this evening slightly embarrassed.

All of my horses ran today and only one of them managed to win.

I say they all ran, most of them seem to have walked or stopped half way along the course to check their emails or play Candy Crush. 

That is the only explanation I can think of.

It was such a terrible day at the races I can't be bothered to print all the results, although a quick look on twitter using the hashtag #SinkingShipRaces will give a run down of how awful it really was.

Although I ended the day on a loss, it doesn't really matter.

It would have been nice to win but having the knowledge that it is very unlikely that I will ever be able to give up work by placing bets, I know better than to gamble away with proper money.

I am used to my friends ridiculing me for making penny bets, but when I lose I only lose a small amount today I loss less than £2.

However when I win, I usually win a nice tidy amount. The other day I got a return of £20! Not enough to retire on, but it is a big enough difference to know that I beat the bookies that day.

Gambling can be a curse for some. There are those who have lost everything, but seeing as don't have anything to begin with, I can't really fail.

3 years ago I put £100 into a betting account. Today that figure stands at £62.58

I have made £37.42 last the best part of three years.

For a hobby, I thinks that's quite good.

I have just realised that it is also three years next week since I started this blog.

3 years of talking poop. 



  1. To me Mr H your Blog is one of the best there is,

    I think like me though you do not do all that following hundreds of blogs stuff, saying Oooooooo you are so good please follow back . . . . we post what we post and if we get a few decent replies and meet a few kindred spirits we are happy. As for the horses, well I had high hopes, but horses turned the head of the nice Steven Spielberg and I have never forgiven then so I suspect they are all in it together trying to ruin the reputation of decent hard working men (as politicians keep calling us, Well its OK for them). However your betting style it to be admired and should be copied by others, unlike someone I know who managed to loose three million pounds gambling (Honest for real) although it was OK because it was other folks money, he said he was investing it (sort of true) and it resulted in him spending time on holiday in one of the queens holiday camps.

    I have not seen him in a long time but I did hear that when he got out of prison he was picked up in a new shiny posh car . . . you see crime never pays . . . . . ?

  2. Bah, horses are rubbish. I would recommend betting on shrews instead. They tend to be a easier to bet on, especially if you wrap most of them in bacon and let a hawk loose.

    P.S. Bet on the ones WITHOUT bacon on them.


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