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Saturday, 21 December 2013

The Thoughtless Gibberish Xmas Message

Bugger off - I'm busy....

No not really. Although I am rather up to my neck with self created deadlines I probably won't reach and still haven't wrapped Mrs H's gifts and Have not taken into account that the week of Christmas is going going to find me running around in one giant circle pitching campers and then suddenly realising that I have not made any attempt at preparing a quiz, or sorted the raffle prizes, or given the dog his medication or sorted out the pile of paperwork that is sat on my left hand side as we speak (not to mention the ton of bits that have accidently "fallen" down the side where I din't have to look at them).

So... I guess yea... I am busy.

But is that an excuse not to have posted anything for over a month?

yes it is.

It is a valid excuse and I'm sticking to it.

The reason for this is that the new stuff I am preparing is some of the funniest, most original stuff I have done in years.

I have urges of inspiration at the moment and can't seem to complete one project before another starts to scream for my attention.

It's like having kids I guess.

Each one is my pride and joy but at the same time they all want me to spend time with them.
The problem is I'm not a parent and don't really have time for children in real life. I'm no Ian Watkins (too soon?)

I'm not this guy either!!!

But back to my Xmas message.

Here it is.

Have a very merry Whatever Festive Period It Is That You Are Celebrating At This Time Of The Calendar and a Prosperous New Year To One and All (except Dave).


  1. Merry Christmas Mr H, I kind of thought you were a busy chap doing important things. I hope you manage everything in time for the big day and your myriad of guests enjoying the joys of the Christmas quiz appreciate your behind the scenes efforts to make their say memorable.

    Do you dress up as Santa and shout Toe Toe Toe (those old caravan owners jokes are the best).

    I wait to see the all new and twice as witty Mr H in 2014 once that paperwork is done and Mrs H has exchanged the penguin Onesie . . . . I told you it was a bad idea. . . . .Always go for the Zebra.

    Be good and enjoy Christmas . . .

    DAMN wrapping Presents I knew there was something I had to do . . . .

    1. Thanks Rob. I hope you and yours have a great holiday. I know it's been a bit a of bugger towards the end but hopefully 2014 will be better. At the very least your Dad should get around to fixing that damned weather machine and the Zombies will fall into all those holes you have been digging!

      See you on the other side.


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