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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Another Thoughtless Gibberish Xmas Message - 250th post special

Me again.

You know, I don't blog for a month and then I interfere with your daily internets by putting two posts up in 24 hours.

What am I like!?!?!

Anyway, This post is a very special one because I want to share a little video I have made.

This is the season of giving and of good will to all men (and womb-men as well) and with that in mind I would like to you all to watch the following video.




EDIT: Just realised this is my 250th post as well... so that worked out nice.


  1. Well done Mr H and Mr Addman. You have produced a unique interview experience which has left me with a desire for some crackers and cheese and a need to watch some Wallace and Gromit.

    It is now shared onto Google+ cos those Google folk are WELL COOL....

    Have a great Christmas Both . . . . . .I have said this already Mr H, but you came back, you never said you were coming back pre-Christmas. I will let you off though as it is a good cause (a Santa Cause).

    1. Thnakyou Rob. I'm a bit like flu keep coming back just before xmas to ruin everyones good time! hahaha. Google plus IS well cool and I'm on there a bit more than I used to be when I wansn't on there a lot.

  2. Thank you Bumferry for including me in this video. Frankly, I don't think an interview with me would have worked without me, so I think I really made this video what it is.

    Honestly though, you're awesome at this, and such an easy presence in front of the camera. Good luck with the video series, and congratulations on the 250th post.

  3. Great interview, gentlemen!

    I had a good laugh over the cracker bit. Though, I found it offensive being a dry cracker, myself.

    Hopefully you guys will do more interviews in the future because you've got great chemistry.

    1. Cheers Chiz. It was fun to make. There will be some very special interviews in the new year on my new blog which will be going live very soon.

  4. Wow, you guys have crackers over there too? We also have crackers here in the states. But here we call them crackers. Oh wait that's what you called them too. Fascinating world.

    1. Our crackers differ from your crackers because our crackers are pronounced "crackers" whereas your crackers are pronounced "crackers". It's a very subtle difference but quite obvious when said with a sideways look.
      It's interesting to note that the word cracker can also mean a morbidly obese Scottish detective.. but that's another story.... all in all the word cracker is just... well, crackers!!


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