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Saturday, 4 January 2014

2014 - The Year Of Change

Greetings readers *does a quick head count* I see we all made it through the New Year in one piece.

I come at you today with words of updates, updates and more updates.

Firstly, as you read this I will be in the midst of putting myself in a certain amount of personal danger for episode 4 of TALKING THOUGHTLESS GIBBERISH the accompanying video blog that started as a one off and now seems to be fast becoming a semi-regular feature... but more on that when (and if) I survive.

Secondly, you may remember a few months ago I mentioned one of my little hobbies regarding betting on the football.... no? never mind. 

Every year I like to spend a very small amount of cash (18p a go) on the football results. This year I have been placing bets on premier league matches to win for Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs - only excluding games where one team plays the other. Seeing as how we are half way through the season I thought it would be a good idea to perform a mid season review.

Before I give away the results of any profit/loss I would like to point out that due to excessive celebrations at the new year I forgot to place any bets on the 1st of Jan, one of the few weeks where ALL THE TEAMS ACTUALLY WON!!! - damn and blast!

Anyway, regardless of that I am currently making a little bit of profit as the totals below show:


so as we can see, half way through the season and I have made a total of £1.38 which may not sound a lot, but when taking into account that is around 10% profit it suddenly starts to look a little better.

Betting can become a habit and quite a costly one at that so I always make sure I only gamble with small amounts of money that I can afford to loose. It is all in fun and having done this for the past 4 years I lost less than £40 in that time.

This is mainly due to things like horses, which I am not very good at picking so I have stopped that. haha.

There will be more news on the final results of the football betting as we near the end of season in March/April.

Thirdly, The new blog is coming along very nicley indeed.  I still have a lot to do before I can release it into the wild, but hopefully the wait will be worth it. There will be many different types of entries including videos and audio as well as poorly written gobbeldy gook similar to what you read on here.

Stay tuned for more updates and wish me luck as I travel out on Monday to attempt a very poorly thought out plan!

I have a horrible feeling it will all end in tears (or tears depending on how you read the word tears)



  1. Hello Mr H I am pleased to hear the football is going better than the horses. Interestingly horses are rubbish at football so I think it can only mean you are not related in any way to a horse, but it is possible that someone in the past has played football among your ancestors. I look forward to seeing the all new Mr H as and when the all singing and dancing blog is ready to release to the big wide world. I will as they say in the movies KEEP WATCHING THE SKIES . . . .

    Ooooooo look a seagull.....

  2. I was about to say that Man U lost on the 1st, but I then remembered they lost against Spurs, which doesn't count in your gambling world. Frankly, you'd be better off if you weren't betting on Man U to win at the moment.

    Also, glad to hear that the new Blog is coming along nicely. Keep us updated.


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