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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Drinks, Updates And A Missing Tooth

last weekend I made a very impromptu decision to travel back to Manchester to visit my old drinking buddy.

"Let's do that pub crawl!" I immediately regretted saying.

"Well..." said Darren hesitantly "If you want to..."

"I do. I really think we can do this!" The eagerness outstripping my common sense.

"You're on." Said Darren knowing full well in would all end in tears. He is the clever one you see.

And so on Monday morning I jumped on a train and after a belated exchange of Christmas gifts we headed off into the wilds of Manchester city centre to complete the Manchester Heritage Pub Crawl.

We decided to only drink half pints of whatever local ale each pub served and at around 2pm we took our first sips of something called BLACK RAT.

it was nice.

We chatted and walked and drank and moved on from one pub to another. This continued for a couple of hours until we were joined by another friend known affectionately as The Incredibly Upsetting Boy.

The Incredibly Upsetting Boy and his Incredibly Upsetting hair style and skinny jeans (you can already begin to see why he is so upsetting) took a gulp of his pint and made a very strange face indeed.

"What on Earth is the matter my old chum?" I may have said with more emphasis on swearing and less on compassion.

The Incredible Upsetting Boy told of how he had lost part of one of his teeth and was in a lot of pain.

Both Darren and I laughed. 

The Incredibly Upsetting Boy did not laugh but instead made a noise akin to agony.

The decision was made that a chilli burger would numb the pain and very soon after we realised this was not a good idea.

Two more pubs were selected and numbers 14 and 15 were entered with suitable drinks consumed.

At this point in the evening I realised I had lost my list of pubs and so we said our goodbyes and went home.

On reflection, It was a bad idea... no STUPID idea of mine to think that we could make to 40 pubs in one day. 

This event will therefore stand as test run. 15 pubs in one day means that it should be more than possible to complete the whole list in 3 days. This is a task that will be completed before the end of this year.

The results however, will not appear on this blog but "somewhere else".

If you want to keep informed and see the video that will accompany this adventure then now is the time to get a front row seat to the newest hip hop happening down with the kids too KOOL 4 SKOOL (see what I did there??) internet ... um... thing by clicking this link: SinkingShip Google + Page

And then this one for good luck: SinkingShip Twitter Page

Teasers and ticklers will be popping up all over the place as stuff gets done.

It's going to be exciting, it's going to be fun.... IT WILL!


  1. As someone who does not drink the thought of even fifteen pubs in one day is rather awesome. I think it would take weekly trips and a year for me to get to the end of your list Mr H.

    I am watching things to see what you are up too with all these new internet plans. I am a creature of routine so will carry on as I am for now unless I see everyone making a fortune with their blogs and Ebooks at which point I will jump up and down a lot and shout blah blah blah, plus make mad hand movements like a deranged cat?

    1. We used to drink every night after work, not loads, but had a couple to wind the day up. After moving away I've almost stopped drinking altogether but it is nice to see my mates.

      The new blog is slowly getting there. Not sure when it will go live but hope to have it ready before the A-Z in April so we can start with a bang.

      Stay tuned Rob - all will be revealed!!!

  2. The Mildly Upsetting Boy sounds like me. My hairstyles tend to upset a lot of people, and have lead to many public stoning events of which I was the main attraction. However, I don't have any recollection of this pub crawl, so it's either mistaken identity or it was a really good pub crawl.

    1. nonono - He is the VERY upsetting boy. He is the one who suggested we go to Norway and is currently posting pictures of the horrible time we had in country where beer is too expensive and we went on the ONE WEEK OF THE YEAR when nothing happens!!! He is the man who accidentally on purpose put THIS (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=tjuihw2q_Ts) on the pub juke box four times in the row causing us to get banned for our favourite local..... he is a VERY upsetting boy indeed !!!!


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