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Saturday, 22 March 2014


April is fast approaching and the A to Z challenge is almost upon us. Thoughtless Gibberish will not be taking part this year. Instead a brand new blog will take on the task of giving me a headache. the Name is SinkingShip and..it's.... not live yet.

But it will be ready in time.

There will be videos, drawings, stories, adventures, songs and much more in the coming days and weeks and months as myself and Darren (the t'other half of this venture) get our shit together and create a whole new world for you to enjoy.

Things will seem strange and disorientated at first, but soon it will flower into a weaving maze of links and cross overs as characters and events melt into one huge collage of existence.

Hahaha... it really is a big thing and could go on for some time.

More will be explained in the coming days over on our brand new Google+ page which you can visit here: 

I will also be releasing some behind the scenes "out takes" in the run up the big launch that will be exclusive to Google plus.

If you have not already joined G+ I would like to take this opportunity to say that you really should.

It is a very cool place to be. I have learnt lot's of things and talked to some very interesting people. 

Twitter is for idiots with nothing to say.

Facebook is for people who don't want to listen.

G+ is for people who ... well, it's for everyone. 

You really do get out of it what you put into it.

Give it a good try. Add us to your circles and enjoy the extra that all those idiots will miss out on.

Good on ya!

See you over there.

Much love.


Ps- I will still be doing my regular Saturday morning updates throughout April. I'm not THAT lazy.


  1. I am already and waiting for the new adventure Mr H, I am sure it will be grand in the true tradition of Wallace and Grommet.

    I do agree about twitter I have never had much luck with twitter although I have met one or two folk who are sane (and a pigeon).

    Facebook is good for me as I can keep contact with family and friends. But I do rather like Google+, I think if your are using blogger as the platform for your blog them Google+ is well worth being part of and.

    Anyway Mr H and Mr D; I wish you all the very best with the new adventure and with the A to Z.

    1. I noticed you got yourself a window seat Rob. We shall be round in due course to serve nibbles and refreshments before the Duty Free lady comes around with her trolley of giant Toblorones and watches and cigarettes and toiletries.
      The dance has been closed for repairs due to a faulty glitter ball but the arcade is open throughout our journey. All we ask is the you keep an eye out for Icebergs and pirates!!

    2. By the way Mr H what number are you on the A to Z list I was trying to find you. I was going to keep on eye on the link to ensure all is OK as the site was still closed last time I tried to look from the list and I cant remember the number now. They can be a bit keen if a link does not work and will Zap things. So have a check and make sure you are still OK.

    3. I cant find you Mr H so am a little worried that if the powers that be have not been able to look at it they may have Zapped you. or it may be that because there are loads of blogs and I have missed the link. . . . Worst case is you may have to rejoin the list and I can send an email to someone to ensure you are not zapped again. . . .

    4. No PHEW I found you so no panic I thought you were higher up the list. . . . . . . . .

    5. Had me worried there for a bit. I will check the blog is live. All the posts are scheduled to go live on set dates but I best double check and not get thrown over board. hahahahahaha

    6. Hmm. We are now #1177. Although last week it was 1187 and 1188 before that. How very odd.

    7. Its not odd Mr H what happens is that some sites are duplicated, or are dodgy in some way or the link does not work or other things. So they get zapped. I have informed the powers that be that your site is OK and will be all go for the A to Z, you need to remember they need to see the A to Z participant badge once April arrives or there is the possibility that blogs without it get zapped also. For a jolly its a tight run ship but it stops abuse of the idea so that is good.

      Ooooo and if there is any risk of offending small children or little old ladies you need to ensure it clearly states it contains adult content. Britain and the USA do seem to have a different idea about what is offensive at times.

      I did find last year the bottom half of the A to Z was like the wild west and many a blog got away with breaking the rules, however this year they have me so I will be Gary Cooper in the re-enactment of High Noon during April. . . . . . . . . . . So Get Off Your Horse And Drink Your Milk . . . I know Mr H, but its the only cowboy quote I know

    8. "Zulus! Farsan's ov 'em"... on wait that's Michael Caine in Zulu... I'm rubbish at cowboy films as well.

      I forgot to put a (HU) for humour on it but I noticed that a lot of blogs have'nt bothered this year with putting anything in the ( )s. I will have a look and make sure all the boxes are ticked correctly.

      There may a little bit of naughty language through the month of April, but ... without giving too much away... the only occasion I know that we DO make a swear it is done phonetically which, at the very least, is educational. hahahaha.

      I'll go and check.....

  2. About bloody time. You first told me about this project back when we did the video interview for my book, which is about 4 months ago. I've been balancing on the edge of my seat since then, which has given me back problems. And you had the audacity to insult me when I didn't post my biscuit video for about a week.

    I hope you understand that the delay has given me unrealistic expectations about this new Blog and what to expect. Obviously you've used the extra time to invent a new 4 dimensional font that can travel through the fabric of space-time to inject extra nuance and meaning into your text. I expect to have a rather fetching servant girl appear on my doorstep to read out your posts, who will then explode in a shower of jammie dodgers and give me good luck for the next seven days. I expect to be able to see, smell, taste, hear and feel your new Blog, without having to load up my PC.

    I'm part of the A-Z this year too. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

    1. Bloody Nora!

      I give a sneaky hint that something new is coming and you just can't wait can you. Typical Jammy Dodger eating tactic that is.

      Too much sugar in your diet that is!

      It will be worth it I promise*.

      There is a long arc of a story being told through the mediums of art,word,song and mime, a world being created in front of your very eyes. Those who stick with it will be treated to a new universe of endless opportunities with dizzying highs and worrying lows.

      Think Jack Bauer in 24 crossed with Game of Thrones With some Betty Turpin off Coronation St added to taste.

      If that's not worth waiting for then I don't know what is......
      *my promises are worth diddly squat


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