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Sunday, 13 July 2014

World Cup Betting Results

"Here we go, here we go, here we....went?"

The world Cup is over for another four years and the winners have won and the losers have lost.
"I liked it when the Mans Felled over a bit..."

It was a game of two halves with lots of exciting bits in it. Like that bit where the man kicked it very well and the other where the other man didn't kick the ball quite as well as the man who did kick the ball in a good way.

There were cheers, there were Mexican waves. The referee made some strange decisions and for some reason the camera man kept zooming in on pretty girls upper bodies....

Yes, that's right. I am writing this before the game has even kicked off and plan to put the final picture of the World Cup betting which you can see lower down.

It has been a topsy turvy event and no mistake, with England out at the start along with Spain and Portugal. Germany and Argentina were the most successful but only one of them could lift the trophy.
"My favourite bit is when they kicked the ball really high into the sky..."
Well done to the winners.

But of course the REAL competition was between myself and my good buddy Ste, who had challenged me to bet 50 pence on every game during the Cup.

Ste was to bet on the "HOME" teams and I would have the "AWAY" team.

The chart below shows how we did. (I didn't want to put the whole list on here as it would have broken the internet) It's been an up and down few weeks.

By the end of the tournament we had spent £32 each (not including the game Ste missed*).
Ste won a total of £27.27 and I won £32.42

That makes me a winner with a profit of 42 of the Queens shiniest pennies.

Of course the Bookies came out on top having taken our combined £64 pounds and only paying out £59.69.
So they are up by £4.31.

But who had more fun over the three and bit weeks of footballing madness?

We did. 

Less than £5 down but a months worth of great sport.

Fancy the same again for the Euro's Ste?!?!


Bet responsibly kids!!  We only played with small amounts and were prepared to loose it all. If you do want to bet, be sensible about it.

* i have included the potential win ste WOULD have won if he had placed the bet on the Ivory Coast(2) v Japan (1) winnings of £1.20


  1. Well done . . . . it just goes to show there is more to the world cup than all that high pressured winning a cup that is not a cup. And after telling the tale of the Androids of the Knights Templar, the world cup and the Holy Grail in my own blog I am pleased to see it all ends with 42 . . . . . . . .enough said.

    1. Oh yea. Didn't think of that. 42... spooky!
      I would like to thank your androids for all their help during the cup (which is not a cup but a trophy). hahahahaha

  2. 42p?! You understand what this means don't you? You must take it all to Vegas and gamble it on one spin of the roulette wheel!

    Or you can just go to the shop and buy 42 penny chews. They are still a penny, right?

    1. I don't think penny chews are a penny anymore. It's broken Britain gone mad! I blame the weather.

  3. Hello Mr H I just thought I would pass by and say the World Cup feels like it was such a long time ago now. time is strange stuff.

    1. Thanks for dropping in. It does seem a long time ago... but the new football season begins in a few weeks and I am getting ready for my new betting game. Just need to cross the T's and dot the I's.....


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