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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Kickingball Update!

As I write this Costa Rica are on the verge of beating Italy in the World Cup.

This has two conflicting results.

The first would be that if Costa Rica do win, England will be out of the competition.

The second is that I will win £3.50.

Yes folks, it's that time of the month where I bore you all with the update of my betting on the Football world cup!

This year my friend Ste has challenged me to see which of us can make the most money.

It appears I may have confused some of you with how this betting plays out. Now that some results have come in, I can show you just how we are getting on and things should be clearer.

A: this is the team designated as "the home team" and are the teams Ste bets on to win.
B: These are the "away" teams and are who I place my bets on.
C: 50 of the Queens finest English pence are placed as a wager for each game.
D: The odds on the away team to win (taken at the time of the bet being placed)
E: the final score.
F: The total amount of money I have spent so far.
G: The potential amount I COULD WIN if my teams won. 
H: The amount I COULD have won if all my teams won (hahaaha)
I: How much I've won per game.
J: Accumulated total of how much I have won so far.
K: The total amount of profit I have made so far.

M: This column shows how much Ste has won per game.

The teams coloured in yellow are the winners of that game and the matches shaded in grey/brown were draws so neither of us won.

As it stands Ste has made a total of £9.65 and I have made a total of £13.59.

However having spent £11 Ste is out of pocket to the tune of £1.35 (he missed one game the muppet!).

I have made a profit of £2.09 so far.

There are still lots of games to go and anything can happen (apart from England winning).

Oooh, Costa Rica have just won. That's another £3.50 to me!


  1. Well Done Mr H . . . . . . . RESULT . . . . . .ON THE HEAD.... Why do they say that?

  2. Folk are not commenting because they have all lost their homes, iPads and granny to Ladbrokes and just feel bitter and twisted because you have beat the odds unlike the England team.

    Actually they could still make it in theory if one of the other teams gets disqualified for sometime like drugs or the like so demand a small 1000 to 1 shot at England making the next round, its worth 50p


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