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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Kick-A-Ball 2014/15

The English Premier league is now well under way and so is my new season of betting on the football.

Last year I made a profit of £1.96 (or around 7%) and this I hope to make even more.

I have made a small change to the way I bet this year, which will hopefully make me more money.

I have selected 5 teams to bet on.

Manchester United

Manchester City




I will be placing 20 pence on each team to WIN. This means a whole £1 will be spent each week.

As and when one of the above teams plays another I will bet on the team playing at home to take the spoils!

So far with 9 games played I have spent £1.80 and have made a return of £1.76 so things are not looking too good but there is a long way to go and Manchester United really need to buck their ideas up (As I write this they are playing MK dons in a cup game and are losing 0-3*).

It's a funny game is football and anything can happen.

Below is a copy of my spreadsheet as it stands so far.


  1. Mr H if I was you I would drop Man Utd, I feel they are on the edge of a cliff (not the well known singer) and may be doomed (like the well known singer). Sometimes spending loads of money is not the answer as your kicking ball betting technique clearly shows, it is selecting the right team at the right time again as your kicking ball betting technique clearly shows . . . sort of.

    Anyway I am sure your skills will win out in the end and you will be able to fill the bath to the top with shiny coins and honey rolling about on top of it all laughing . . . . Just remember this will attract bees so keep the windows closed and dont let Mrs H put the video on Youtube.

    1. I wish I could get rid of Man Utd, unfortunately Rules is Rules and seeing as I made them up I'd only be cheating myself if I changed. I will, of course, be sending them a letter at the end of the season asking for a postal order for the missing money they have caused me to lose.

  2. Man U are not going to make you any money for the first half of the season. They're buying that many new players that it's going to take a long time for them the gel.

    Given my hot gambling advice there, can I take 50% of your profits?

    1. Only if you promise to send me 50% of any money I lose as well.....

  3. Didn't Churchill quote Rosefelt by saying, "We have nothing to sphere eXcept sphere itself." He talking about soccer, I believe.

    1. If Churchill were alive today he'd be spinning in his grave at the state of the modern game!


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