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Friday, 5 September 2014

Poem #207

I thought I'd write a poem.
And try to make things rhyme.

I haven't got a theme or plot,
I hope it comes out fine.

I'm watching the news as I write this.
Full of death and debt and war.

I sometimes wonder if it's worth all the hassle.
When nobody knows what they are fighting for.

The leaders of the world are talking.
In castle somewhere in Wales.

Saying "Hmm" and "aah" at the problems they caused
Twiddling their thumbs are peace talk fails.

Ooh this poem has got serious.
I thought it would be more fun.

So let's change the tone with a little naughty word.
Something, something, something.....BUM!

Now I know that wasn't a proper rhyme.
It's not easy to write as I first thought.

Another thing that isn't easy
Is when your laptop decides to break

Like mine just did so now I'm on the tablet
Oh for goodness sake.

So now I have no laptop.
Half way through writing this.

So I'll off now and sign off
I hope you got the gist.... (Of whatever it is I'm going on about).


  1. I was getting into the swing of that Mr H and then you suddenly said your laptop was broken and you had transferred to a tablet. I then thought.

    Mr H does rule
    How did he do that
    He's no fool

    The man a genius
    A hero
    A chap
    A man of Science
    And all this thinking means
    Its time for a Nap.....

    And as someone once said in a super cool accent.
    War . . . . . Ooooooo . . . What is it good for . . . . . Absolutely Nothing.

    Who's the man . . . . you'z the man. . .

    1. I don't do enough poetry.
      I really should keep my hand in...

      The laptops working now as I threatened
      to introduce it to the Recycling bin.


    2. Laptops Hate Bins
      Lap Dances like Fins

      and Norwegians

    3. Lap dancers . . . I forgot the Rrrrrrrrr


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