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Friday, 26 September 2014

A complete lack of substance.

I'm not here today.

I am away.

The reason I am not here is because I am doing something else somewhere else.

I can't really go into more detail at the moment but what I can tell you - is that I will be telling you about it, if and when I survive.

It's an adventure of sorts. A new beginning for me - a journey.

So although I can't say what it is that is what I'm doing, I can say that what I can't say should give me lots to write about and will in turn give you the reader lots to read about as well.... Although you didn't hear that from me.... until I tell you all about it later next week.


  1. Bearing in mind the news today I take it you are not on a secret mission to a certain foreign land, because there are some secrets that are best not discussed on a blog that is popular with the general public . . . . . .

    well you know where I am if you need me Mr H, hiding under the kitchen table.

    1. All I can say for now is that the big reveal will involve some gory scenes that some may not be suitable for small children and animals......ooh err!

  2. Are you deliberately trying to mess with my mind?!
    Well wherever you are, I hope that you're safe and well.

    1. Aaw, thanks Lily. It's nice to know somebody cares.

      Mrs H said "Oh... your back are you. I had Pizza Hut last night!" Which are not the words an all conquering hero wants to hear upon his triumphant return.

      Safe and well.... two words I wouldn't use to describe my current condition. Knackered and bloody (but not in that order) would be a better description.
      All will be revealed in a couple of days! hahahahaha

    2. Are you sure that saying . . . . . All will be revealed. . . . to Miss Lily is fair, she may be expecting more than you plan to reveal. . . . Well I hope that is the case, particularly if you have been Knackered. . . . . .HAH HAH AH AH HAh h ah hah ah ah ha ah hah ah ah ah ah ah aha ha hah a ha ha ha ha ha


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