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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Black Friday

This week has seen a shopping event called Black Friday to descend upon the UK.

It originates from the USA and shops over here, on our little island, have decided to have a go.

It didn't work out to well.

Having seen the news it appears that a man fell over, somebody got pushed, a woman in  a wheelchair was hurt (!) and some poor bugger broke an ankle.

I had become a little bit excited for Black Friday, before it came.

But under no circumstances would I ever think it would be acceptable to trample over a fallen human being in distress in order to make the most of a 10% on a TV that I don't need!

I opted for the online experience instead.

The night before Black Friday (Dull Thursday?) I had set up my laptop with different screens showing various websites like Argos, amazon, currys etc, ready to take full advantage of any and all super savings that came my way.

I had a list of certain things I wanted and made sure I knew what price I was willing to pay.

As the clock flicked over to midnight I refreshed the browser and......

.....was met with a screen for most of the sites that read "You are in a queue..Time to wait 40 minutes!"


Yet again, it appears that my money wasn't good enough for the high street traders.

I went to bed.

Getting up in the morning I decided to venture out into the real world and see what all this fuss was about.

I went to the town centre and found a load of people walking around without a care in the world.

It was busy, but nobody was pushing or shoving or fighting - unlike what was being shown on the news.

I even saw some people smiling at each other!

I went into some of the shops, looking for the things I wanted, but ultimately left empty handed.

It was all a bit disappointing to be honest.

The only thing I bought was a clip for a keyring (it was buy one get one free +20% off, so that was £1.29 well spent).

Back home I had beans on toast for tea.

I only tell you this I am still struggling to find anything of note to write about....

Oh yes. Having recently sold all my CD's I am now in the very slow process of copying all my DVD's onto a hard drive so that I can sell those as well and make a lot of room when the January sales come and I can waste all my money on things and junk and stuff.



  1. Hello Mr H . . . . . Yes I can't help but feel folk lost the plot with Black Friday and all it really did was show that us human beings can sometimes be not very nice. I was rather curious to know exactly what the desire was for the Tesco 40 inch television as I am not entirely convinced it was the bargain that folk thought it was. And after all fighting to buy a television is a bit odd because I suspect most of them already have substantially large TV's. Interestingly in the riots of a couple of years ago one of the things that the looters were running off with was 40 inch televisions and so I am starting to wonder if there is some deep rooted desire in the human subconscious for this particular device. If so then this strange unearthly desire could only have been planted there by Aliens, advanced Aliens from long ago . . . . . All I need to do now is work out exactly why. . . Maybe these devices have Aliens in them and they require a certain size (40 inches) in which to incubate. I would not be surprised to learn that come Christmas Day somewhere in between the film The Great Escape and the 3 0'clock Queens Speech all over Britain Aliens will be leaping out of 40 inch televisions and taking over the bodies of unsuspecting people.

    This will result in those of us as yet unaffected by this strange desire (those happy smiling folk you saw) to be talked into heading to the Boxing Day sales to purchase their own 40 inch television. . . . It is only a matter of time Mr H before they take us all over and we find ourselves eating beans on toast and transferring all our DVD's to Hard drives making for space in our homes for 40 inch televisions (Hang on a sec. . . . . . AH DAMN . . . I'm heading to the hills . . . AAAAAuuuuuuuggggHHHH).


    1. I'm alright with the TV because Mrs H's brother has promised us his TV when he a new one (he's knows his teles) but curiously my dad has asking about 40" TV's as he is thinking of getting one.
      Oo-er. You might be on to something here.
      I'll join you up on the hills - It's a good job I went on that survival course the other month! hahahahahahaha.

  2. I have just seen #CyberMonday on twitter . . . . did you know about this Mr H is there a world out there I am unaware of. . . I have also notice that some retailers are now having a Black Friday Sale ?????? I am a bit confused, I might wait until they say its all free take it away . . . particularly those rather nice 40 inch televisions.

    1. It never ends does it. It's like the DFS sale. None stop sales all the time until nothing costs what it should and everyone gets a huge headache.
      Cyber Monday always comes after Black friday, a bit like easter but without the day off work on the monday.

      I will be looking with my good eye for the deals that were not there on friday, but I don't hold any hope for a saving.

      I'm looking for one of those "all in one" PCs but I refuse to pay silly prices.

      Must sign off now, as the snooker is on and I love a bit of snooker!


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