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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Welcome To Stockdale (a behind the scenes special)

There is absolutely nothing of any interest going on in my life at the moment.

I am very sorry about that.

This makes it very hard to have something to type about on this blog.

With that in mind I come at you today with a very special behind the scenes look at my other blog: SINKINGSHIP.

This is a brief guide to long term followers and also for any potential new readers so that everyone has a chance to catch up with the adventures so far....

First up a little history.

The SINKINGSHIP BLOG was started last April for the AtoZ challenge, where each and every day (apart from sundays) a post is posted for all to enjoy.

Along with myself, my good friend Darren and I post new things every Wednesday for your viewing pleasure.

Our posts mainly revolve around the fictional northern town of Stockdale and the dwellers that live their sorry and pitiful lives there.

The town has a rich and unusual history that has yet to be fully exposed, as well as a disturbing and wonderful future ahead of it.

This is nothing compared to weird and strange present in which is currently resides.

The myriad of people who live in Stockdale are a cornucopia of socially inept, strange and down right bunch of oddballs.

From the owner of the local corner shop (played by the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger), mad scientist Professor Procto and his landlady Mrs Featheringay and local conspiracy theorist - Henry Hut.

We have also met Lemiwell Jones. A man who has a secret plot for the future of Stockdale and has previously employed the talents of Mrs Featheringay, Henry and the Professor. Mr Jones was also responsible for the death of Shabby (leader of the Dooby Scoo Gang) and his dog Dooby Scoo at the old abandoned Fun Fair but as long time readers will know, this may not be the end of their story as the mysterious Dr Malevolent is currently experimenting on their bodies for reasons unknown...

Stockdale does have it's own superhero as well. The short lived Armadillo Brown lost his very first battle and has since returned to his day job at the call centre.

And lately we have had tea with Mrs Goodwythane (pronounced Good with an E) and her so called friends.

Oh yes... and there is a time travelling sheep knocking about somewhere as well so be careful....

But what does the future hold for Stockdale?

Not wanting to give too much away, things are most assuredly  afoot. 

There are many more characters to visit and pop to round for a brew and chat with.

There's Gus - the local nutter (every town has one - it's a law or something), as well as the local council as they prepare for the upcoming elections next year. 

Adventures, cartoons and some interactivity are all on course to hit your screens in the coming months. So pop along to the SINKINGSHIP BLOG and save it in your favourites.

Oh yes..... one little spoiler to peak your interest...... Somebody we have already met is going to be murdered!!!

So that's it from me this week. Nothing to say but, read my other stuff becauce real life is boring but Stockdale is always rocking!


  1. Hey Mr H you are not boring, we are human beings this is what life is like. Don't believe all those so called celebs are out there having a great time because behind their facade of celeb they actually have a seriously boring life, it is why so many of them do drugs, they can't cope with the reality of everyday life when they are meant to be a celebrity.

    I am worried about the now spreading rumour of . . . Planned Death in Stockdale . . . . OOoooo what is the world coming to stuff like that never happens in the everyday world of places like Stockdale (OK I lie a bit). . . . I think Stockdale needs a minor celebrity in it, maybe an actor who once played a role in something like Emmerdale. . . . Maybe a regular in the pub who gets to say the odd line like. . . . . I see its raining again George, I better get those goats in; see you tomorrow. . . .

    OK I'm off to look at the remains of a wall and nod knowingly. That should impress folk who will say . . . Why has he knocked that wall down . . . And I will look up and smile and say . . . Tis the frincle bar in the jibber post, it needs a barley bolt fixer. . . They will not expect that.

    1. I just realised i forgot to mention that there may be a new arrival with a face EVERYBODY will recognise arriving soon.... but I didn't want to give too much away.

      Although my life is very boring at the moment (the most exciting thing I've done is move a small bookcase and sell some cds) I am not one for the taking of drugs.... I swallowed some toothpaste by accident last week and went into a panic because I didn't want a fluoride overdose to be the reason I shifted off this mortal coil!


      I always thought everybody knew about Frickle bars in the Jibber posts.... that's Walls 1-0-1 that is.

    2. OOooooooo a face we all know. . . . . . Ooooooooo its not Elvis (the King) or the Queen (the Queen) . . . . I use that pink toothpaste with the funny taste. . . . I would not like to swallow a lot of that. . .


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