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Sunday, 12 July 2015

A History of Hogarts (part two)

Furthering the findings of my family fortunes has uncovered many surprises and shocks. As we delve into history with another tale from the Hogart family tree.

During the middle ages, many people took up the role of Troubadours. One such wandering Minstrel went by the name of "One Finger" Hogart.

One Finger was, as his name suggests, not a very good minstrel.

He was however famed for making terrible tunes and ditties and was mocked through his life for only ever being able to play a single note per tune.

Kings and lords from across the land would send for him to play before their courts.

One Finger believed his popularity was from his individualistic talents of mono syllabic music, however, it was well known through musical circles that One Finger was simply the laughing stock of the nation and seen as more of a jester than a true musician.

Ask any modern day scholar of the Middle ages and they will often point to his life and downfall (albeit he started at the bottom and didn't have far to fall) with his epitaphs scribed by he fellow Minstrels.

The following are examples of the last few days of One Finger Hogarts recorded life.  

There once was a minstrel called one finger.
With a hi-fi- diddly de-de.
He could only play a single note
It sometimes was a high middle C"


"One Finger Hogart - pessimist through life
When one door opens another one shuts
Wandered through life without a care in the world
Died from a falling coco-nut"

To this day, nobody is sure where that coconut came from, or where it went. But it was not the first time and would certainly not be the last time the curse of the falling coconut would strike the Hogart clan.



  1. It is rather a shame that "One Finger" Hogart was not a 1930's American Gangster he would have gone far with a name like that. But at least it means he could have argued he was born before his time and in the wrong continent due to the fact the one he was really destined for had not been discovered yet. . . . . With a hey and a ho and a nonny nonny no . . . as I'm sure he would add to the end of important statements to the royal tax collectors of his day

    I suspect that coco-nut may not have fallen accidently there has always been bitter jealousy among entertaining minstrels

    One day I should reveal the tale of Red Jock and Black Willy who were two members of my family back in Victorian days who liked a drink or two. . . . .

    1. OOOOoooooooooo I finally looked up . . . genus estis nimis . . . . . . :)

    2. That's the thing about us Hogarts. We always seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and for the wrong reasons.


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