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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

NCP car parks can sit on it and swivel!

In a break from what should have been an ongoing series of my family history, I post this evening with news that I am distraught - nay - ANGERED by the actions of a faceless corporation that have been the bane of my life for many years.

No, not the BBC (or the "BBC" as I call them), nor is it BT, ITV, JCB, TSB, MFI or even MI5.


It is none other than the NPC. (you probably guessed from the title eh?)

For those that don't know, the NCP is a company that has the nerve to call itself the National Car Park...something other.

They are dick heads.

Ask anyone you might what they think of the NCP and they will use words such as: off, bloody, rip and right, not in that order and probably a few choice verbs thrown in for good measure.

Their car parks vary in quality and price.

The prices range from extortionate to the obscene. 

But that is not the reason I hate them.

I hate them because they have caused the closure of (along with a couple of other small businesses) my local comic book shop.

For the past 5 years since I moved away from the big city, I have relied on my local comic book shop to keep me entertained and thrilled with the weekly adventures of superheroes, secret agents and tales of horror and suspense.

From Avengers to Y: The last man (a tale of a world where only women survive except one man and his pet monkey) I have a collection of 1,000's of comics, graphic novels and the occasional figurine that clutter up my home.

It's not just me though - Mrs H is a proper full on X-Men nerd and has been since before I knew her. She's a right geek.

However, the NCP has recently given notice to the Comic shop to close down this month so they can make (the towns shittiest and most expensive) car park a bit bigger.

Nob heads.

A business that has been at its current location for the best part of a decade, with a little cafe to boot now has to move to the other side of town. During this move the shop will not able to sell its wears and so 100's of local nerds and geeks are without their regular fix of capes and red tights.

Added to this, I have found out that the next issue of Justice league (issue #42) has a massive reveal in it and could change the way folks see one of comic books biggest names!

I won't spoil it here, but if things play out as they look - it could divide comic book readers for years to come.

The NCP are greedy good for nothings for their actions.... and their terrible car aprks across the nation.

Pot holes, lack of security, over priced tiny spots too small for clown car. That's your NCP car parks.

And now they are bullying small businesses to make a few extra pennies.

We wouldn't have kind of carry on if Batman were real.

*****END OF RANT*****

PS- if you want to read a graphic novel that isn't all about flying super people I highly recommend Y: The last man. It really is very good.


  1. I do agree about NPC I have long thought they have no soul and I think this proves it Mr H. . . I hope your local Superhero shop gets going again at a new location. I am not a reader or collector of Superhero things (Yes I know I'm a Superhero, so its a bit odd), but quirky little unique shops continue to vanish as bland multinationals takeover the shops and the internet kills of the rest.

    If all else fails and bearing in mind Mrs H loves the stuff too you could always go for a superhero based site for geeks and friends of geeks. No sure if that has been tried before but I get there is a few quid in the superhero themed camping holiday market.

    1. NCP not NPC I suspect they are different . . . .stupid keyboard

    2. NCP are truly evil. In my little corner of the world, they were in cohoots with the local council, who raised the rent of our beloved little market place to such an exorbitant price, that the shops could no longer afford to stay open. The loss of a good comic store (our independent record shop was also where we purchased our comics) is no joke. I feel for ya Mr H.

    3. They will be opening up again in a couple of weeks on the other side of Shrewsbury, but the huge windows they had with massive hand drawn pictures of the Hulk and spiderman and the like will not be there. It's a shame because it made that corner of town a bit brighter.
      If I don't have my comics me and Mrs H will have to start talking to each other... and that can only end in disaster! hahahaha

  2. Lily, for some reason I can not reply to your comment directly. I ear this may be another back handed trick by the dreaded NCP. They're bloody everywhere. The local wine shop next door is also under threat, i think, and Mrs H loves wine. I haven't told her that yet for fear of blowing her mind.


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