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Sunday, 30 August 2015

The Numbers Should Speak For Themselves

In light of resent news events this week I feel it is pertinent to share this sobering fact.

Today (Sunday 30th August 2015) is the 242nd day of the year.

As of this date there have been 249 instances of mass shootings in the USA. (link)

The definition of MASS SHOOTING is when 4 or more people killed.

242 days...... 249 separate occasions of MASS KILLING.


I just deleted a big long rant about this, but decided it wasn't needed.

That factoid should speak for itself.


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    1. I had been having a rather nice (if busy) bank holiday, but this fact jumped out at me while I was preparing questions for the monthly quiz and I couldn't stop thinking about it.
      pissed me off a bit really, that humans can be that thick.
      I wrote a whole essay about it and deleted because I got fed up with people.


      Next week will be a bit more upbeat - i promise. Inspiration will hit one day this week.... hopefully.

  2. The USA have very odd ideas about guns, I must say that fact is worse than I would have predicted. Its strange when you think the USA sent a man to the moon and are responsible for the Hubble Telescope and yet can hand out guns like sweets to anyone that wants one.

    Personally I would only have one gun law and I think it would work well. . . . Anyone that wants to own a gun is plainly not someone that should be allowed to own one because of their mental state. . . Only people who do not want guns should be allowed the option to have one. Of course should they say OK go on then then, it proves they are not someone who does not want a gun and therefore they cant have one.


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