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Saturday, 3 October 2015

The greatest Invention Ever Made.

What is the greatest invention mankind has ever created?

Go on, have a guess.



Most people would say something like "the wheel" or "fire" even though fire is not an actual invention. But those idiots would be wrong.

The under 25's are more likely to say "Like....a i-phone?" in that idiot way that youths do and they would be wrong on many levels. Firstly because it should be said "AN I-phone (tm)" and there is no need to begin a sentence with the word "like" stupid idiots.....

On top of this, their answer is still incorrect.

The true answer to the question "What is the greatest invention ever?" is.......

The humble teabag.

That's right, the teabag.

Just think how clever the little bag of tea is.

Here we have a tiny little parcel of super thin paper that can withstand boiling hot water whilst being battered, jabbed and squeezed by a metal spoon.

It can do this whilst still being able to diffuse the flavour of the leaves inside through small perforations that sit across it's surface.

If I (or anybody else) were to throw you in a pot of boiling water and attack you viciously with a sharp edge metal spoon, you would be well within your rights to complain and say "ow, stop it. That smarts!"

The heroic tea bag,in it's many shapes and sizes and flavours, just takes it all in it's stride.

It very rarely fails in doing its job perfectly as well.

It has been many a full moon since I last heard a tale of a split teabag.

And so Ladies and Gents, We should all bow down to the creator of the mighty Tea bag and give it some credit for giving us great cups of tea for 111 years.

So, next time you are having a cuppa, please raise your mug or cup to Mr Thomas Sullivan, the man who gave the world it's greatest invention.

Thank You Mr Sullivan.


  1. Hello Mr H, as I try to type this I am in fact down in south Wales having spent several hours sat by the beach at Saundersfoot were it was a bit blowy and chilly although I was told I'm a wimp . . . . . .

    Ooooooooo I was close with that guess at kettle I bet you were thinking that Rob is a ************ he is going to ruin my post, but luckily I did not. I know a lot about teabags I worked in a tea factory making teabags for Nisa as well as those Yorkshire Teabags. Yes it appears Yorkshire teabags were made in mid-Wales back then so a bit of a shock for Yorkshire folk. The paper used for teabags used turn up on huge rolls and I would often run off with the rolls that only had a tiny bit (100m or so) left on them when the rolls were changed over. It was amazing paper and I used it to do all sorts of stuff. It is really strong stuff as well as thin.

    So in short I quite agree . . . . .

    1. If only people bothered to read this blog, they would learn loads!
      I never thought about the potential uses for the paper that is used for teabags BEFORE they become teabags.... the mind boggles.
      I also am dumbfounded that Yorkshire tea (my current choice of cuppa at the mo - decaf version) were made in Wales.

      Surely there must be something under the trades description about that...... oo-er!


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