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Saturday, 10 October 2015

2 Years Of Marriage And It Has Come To This

Today (the 10th) sees myself and Mrs H celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary.

For two whole years I have been legally obliged to to be under the thumb, told off for snoring (even I don't snore), give up my half of the bed and worst of all..... share things!

Mrs H, for her part, spends money like it's going out of fashion, farts like a trooper (even though she says it's not her) and enjoys 4/5ths of the bed and snores (she definitely does).

As our anniversary approached, I asked Mrs H what she want to do to celebrate our union together.

"I want to go away somewhere."

"Oh like into town, or Frankie and Bennys or something?"

"No, you bloody cheapskate. I want to do something different... something we can both enjoy."

"Netflix and pizza?"

"You're an idiot."

"I know... I have blog about it and everything."

"Are you still writing that? Nobody reads it, why do you bother?"


"You're an idiot"


"um... yea... So where would like to go, sweet Thistle of mine?"


*shows evil grin*

"Got it! We're going here!"

"Oh bum"

So there you have it. Booked for next weekend, Myself, Mrs H and a few mates are all going to be run at, chased, harassed, abused and generally scared shitless by real life zombies!

I'm not sure what part of this I'm supposed to enjoy, but I think the thought of seeing me curled into the foetus position, blubbing like a wretch is probably right up her street.

Mrs H is very excited..... and is also some kind of sadist.

Today we went to Frankie and Bennys.


  1. I have just returned from the Pembroke coast Mr H as the 5th October is our wedding anniversary only its 31 years in our case. I think chilling by the beach is a bit more me that what you appear to be going too. I bet if you took a chainsaw with you and said if any of those Zombies come near me than they will find they are a Zombie jigsaw puzzle, you might just find that the minute you fire it up the Zombies will scarper sharpish. If you find you are not allowed to take a chainsaw then pretend to be a Spanish time share salesman it will have the same reaction. . . . And if all that fails then a multifunction pointy stick might help.

    And tell Mrs H that I still read your blog and comment; OK maybe one person is not ideal but a journey of a thousand miles starts with but one step as old Harry (one step) once said before he said PHEW that's a long way I might just have a sit down first.

    1. OOOOOOooooooooooo yes Well done you two and remember it is all down hill after the first three years HAH HAH haah ah a ha ha ha ha hah ah ah ah ah ah h aha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah ah ah ah ah ah ah ahahha haha ha ha ha .

    2. Cheers Rob. I shall be sneaking my 11-in - 1 pointy stick (tm) into the grounds when I go. I just hope they don't do cavity searches!!!
      We were planning on going out tonight but ate far too much at Frankie and Bennys and are now sat on the sofa watching Netflix (no pizza).
      Mrs H is under her blanket, because she is about 95 years old and the dog keeps barking at me for no reason other than I am comfy.

      He hates me that dog.

      Congrats on your 31 years of wedded bliss! even though it is 5 days late.

  2. Farmageddon, Revenge Of The Dead! I seriously love Mrs H and yes, she is a sadist for wanting to go to Frankie and Bennys...that is what you meant by sadist...right?
    Congrats for reaching two years of married life, which I think is the same time you get for shop theft.

    1. Thanks Lily. She does have girly traits in her defence. She loves her Pandora bracelet. I managed to hunt down a zombie charm to go with all the love hearts, little dogs and flowers she already has.... guess which is her favourite! hahahaha


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