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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Deadpool The Movie: a six out of ten review


Last night I went to the cinema to watch the latest superhero movie DEADPOOL.

For those that don't know, Deadpool is a character from Marvel Comics, the people who brought us Ironman, Captain America, Hulk etc but is not currently owned by Marvel and can not appear in their movie or TV line up.

Instead, the movie rights to Deadpool is owned by 20th Century Fox, the people who make the X-men films.

Deadpool is a mutant, much like the heroes of the X-men universe, but is not a member of the X-men.

He was... for a bit... in the comics, but is currently now part of the Avengers, working with Captain America and other. Although they do not exist in the same cinematic universe.

He was also, so it is said, a complete rip off of the DC comic book character Deathstroke, which is where Superman and Batman come from.

See! toooootaly different....

DC and Marvel are very much the two big players in the name of comic books.


You will be.

The thing about DP is that he is not your everyday hero. He is in fact a villain. Or rather an anti hero.

He is known as "The Merc with a Mouth" and spends most of his time fighting for whoever is willing to pay him the most money.

He entered the world of comics trying to kill Cable, the son of Cyclops and a clone of Jean Grey who had been taken to the distant future as a baby to escape the threat of death and had travelled back in time as a man in order to save the world.

Still confused?.... There's more.

Deadpool is one of the very few characters that actually knows he is in a comic and regularly breaks the fourth wall and speaks to the reader whilst the other heroes stand around wondering if our protagonist is having a breakdown.

And to this, his unhealthy love for Bea Arthur, Chimichangas and irregular pop culture references and you have, what should be, the most ridiculous basis for a movie.
"Thankyou for being a friend..."

On to the film.

The Deadpool movie is a film made for the fans, and in a way, by fans. 

Ryan Reynolds is a huge fan of the character and takes on the role with gusto.

The film contains a lot of swearing, violence - including decapitation/self mutilation/ broken limbs/ exploding heads/ severed body parts/ more broken limbs as well as sexual experimentation, ladies breasts, a burnt penis, more violence and "creative use of the English language", more boobs and blood and guts and swearing and masturbating with a fluffy unicorn (no, that's not a euphemism).

If the above list counts towards your five-a-day in visual entertainment, then this film is right up your street.

There are lots of in jokes, jibes at other films and does a reasonable attempt to subvert the atrocities of the last time we saw Deadpool appear in a movie (X-men Origins).
Nope! Never happened... I can't see this....

You don't really need to see any of the X-men films from the past to fully understand this film, but there are more than a few gags aimed squarely at their expense and it would be no real surprise to hear that not even Hugh Jackman gets away without being poked fun at.

Over all this movie was a hoot!

But long time readers will know that all my reviews have to be rated at 6/10.

The reason for this is ensure that movie makers don't feel that they have reached the pinnacle of their career with a 10/10 and then don't feel they have to bother making anything of any worth after that.

A 6/10 rating ensures that films continue to grow and entertain us all for many years to come.

This film receives the coveted 6/10 rating due to the following facts:

1) We booked a table at a restaurant before the film and waited over one and a half hours before I got fed up and walked out... hungry!

2) Being hungry, I had to fill up with popcorn... and popcorn is bloody awful.

3) There are people who visit the cinema in the 21st century who still do not have full control of their bladders. 
Getting up 20 minutes into a film that is 2 hours long in order to go and do pee-pee should be made a criminal offence.
I want to watch the film NOT THE BACK OF YOUR HEAD BOBBING UP AND DOWN!!!!
4) The woman sat three rows in front of me and two seats to the left was laughing like a fucking idiot ALL-THE-WAY-THROUGH.
This film is funny but it does not need the type of hysterics I witnessed last night.
It was as if this woman had never seen an action comedy before. 
She is probably the kind of moron who enjoys watching Big Momma's House or Eddie Murphy films where he has to play every character because nobody in Hollywood wants to be associated with him.
Punching a zombified Abraham Lincoln...because - comics.

Each of these reasons have caused a great film to drop a point.

I will leave it to your good selves to reallocate points as you see fit and then you can decide if you should see this film...... which you should.

EDIT: If you do go to see this film - remember to stay until the very VERY end as there is an extra special scene at the end....!


  1. I can tell you know your stuff Mr H and are something of an expert in the world of comic book heroes. Something I am not. And this knowledge I am sure must make a huge difference to the overall enjoyment of the film. I have never heard of DeadPool or DeathBreath sorry DeathStroke, but if one is a rip of of the other all I can say is it is a shame they did not call him DeadCool.

    I agree running off to the loo after 20 mins is not good and if this is something folk need to do they are best to wait for the DVD to come out. As for strange laughing folk well its a bit like sitting next to the loony on the bus (I know that is not very PC, but then I am a loony so its OK) Sometimes these things happen and I am not sure what the solution is.

    I am pleased you gave the film 6 out of 10 as its a good sign. I know things are bad when you give them less than this, then it really is a bad film.

    An hour and a half for food and you had to leave without getting any that is not 6 out of 10 and that's for sure.

    1. It didn't end there Rob. When we got home, we ordered a pizza that took around the same time to come. It was cold (yuk) but very spicy.
      I had not eaten for 12 hours by this point so didn't really care.
      The world likes to test my patience.
      Ooh! AND.... on the way home a man stood on my foot and blamed me even though I was stood next to wall away from the crowds.... I just smiled at him until he forgot why he was angry and he stormed off to be angry at something else.

      It's been a strange 24 hours.

    2. Mr H that sounds like a worrying night, I am glad I hide indoors these days

    3. That is why the Gods of TV gave us NETFLIX! hahahahahahahaha There is no escape!

  2. *Let's out sigh of relief* Phew, when I saw 6/10, I was preparing myself for bitter disappointment and had therefore, scheduled myself to commit Hari Kari. Just got 'Civil War','X-Men Apocalypse', 'Suicide Squad' and 'Doctor Strange' to look forward to and it will be like Christmas has come early...though Spawn refuses to go and watch 'Batman Vs Superman.'

    1. 2016 is the year of the nerd film wise.
      The DC movies just don't cut with me for some reason. It's all very messy.
      I'm glad they are there as keeps Marvel on their toes and I'm sure BvS will be a money maker and even a good film but I understand the Lil' man not being too bothered by it.

      Suicide squad look awful... I will giving that a wide birth. Will Smith does my head in. I used to really like his stuff but as the ears have gone on he has got on my nerves... don't think it helps that he doesn't read my blog anymore.

    2. There is a who world out there I dont understand

    3. Who . . . WHAT . . . I mean whole . . . . See I cant even spell yet alone understand . . . . . . PHEW

    4. It's the best way to be Rob. Not understanding stuff is very underrated.


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