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Saturday, 6 February 2016


Hey you.....

Can YOU answer YES to any of the following?

Feeling down?

Don't know what to watch on TV tonight?

Unable to bend down without making a noise?

Financial worries?

****Call now****

Want to learn to sing?

Want to easily remember peoples names?

Need public speaking tips?

Unable to find contact details on a post?

****E-mail quick.****

Want to learn another language?

Can't remember the words to that song?

Learn how to pick locks.

****Get in touch today.****

Make friends.

Regrow that missing thumb.

Find gold!

See in to the future.

Correct blurred vision.

****Act now!****

Got the hiccups?

Unable to scratch that itch?

Are you going to win the lottery?

Is your partner cheating on you?

Find out if your bum actually looks big in those pants?

****Find out today****

All these things and more can be answered if you make the first step and join the THOUGHTLESS GIBBERISH: PERSONAL LIFE COACHING SCHOOL (TG:PLCS)

Don't just our word for it, though. Here's what some of our satisfied customers had to say about our service.

"I couldn't find my keys, but one quick call to TGPLCS and within 3 hours I found them in my bag." Mrs W, Stockdale.

"Thanks TG:PLCS. Now I know not lick knives" Ben. London.

"Without TG:PLCS on hand I wouldn't be able to tie my own shoes." Les. UK

"TG:PLCS taught me it's okay to not give a shit." Ms L. Wigan.

Reasonable rates.

Results guaranteed.

Our fully trained staff are on line NOW waiting for you to get in touch.

Call our dedicated hotline 24 hours a day and kick start your new life TODAY!


  1. I would phone today without delay but I cant find my phone. And my arms are tired and lethargic leading to a lack of enthusiasm for stretching upwards. Do you have a course for those who dont wish to do anything strenuous involving thought or hard work.

    1. YES WE DO! Simply write to us asking for a B:611 form, fill out the first 67 pages (in duplicate) and remember to insert a 1000 word essay explaining exactly why you are the way you are and hand it in to one of our roving representatives IN PERSON (please note our roving rovers are not allowed to stop moving so you may have to jog a bit).

      Upon the return of your form (where we will ask you to fill in the next 63 pages in triplicate) you will be assigned a personal trainer who will repeatedly rearrange you meetings at the last minute just as you turn up to the meeting and within 6 to 18 very short months we will ask you refill the form again as we will have lost the originals.


    2. OOooooo its like being at work.


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