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Saturday, 19 March 2016

TV show ideas.

A Bird in The Hand.

Starring Nigel Havers and Sue Pollard.

A Bird in the hand is a situation comedy based on the day to day struggles of John Bird and Mary Hand, two neighbours who never speak to each other directly due to a decade long disagreement over the recycling bins.
Contains violence and full frontal nudity nudity.


Starring Jack Whitehall, 

Live every weekday night for three weeks, Jack Whitehall is forced to apologise for not being as funny as he thinks he is whilst being held a gun point by a drunk chimpanzee. 
Series two has already been commissioned.

G.M. Foods

Set in a corner shop somewhere near Oldham, this live action adventure show follows Bear Grylls and Ray Mears as they try to balance the books whilst making sure there is enough wheat-a-bix and oxo stock cubes on the shelves.


It's none stop laughs and giggles on the Intensive Care Unit as Jack Dee and Tess Daily present live reactions to test results and diagnoses of terminally ill patients at Stockdale General Hospital.
Each Week a celebrity guest performs an operation to remove organs from one of the patients in a bid to raise money for a donkey sanctuary.
This week Jo Brand attempts eye laser surgery on an 85 old pensioner called Geoff.

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