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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Annoyance Of The Week

They are at again...

People are going on strike.

Since the start of this blog I have warned about the NHS going strike, Teachers, bloody petrol delivery drivers having a day off because they want to.....and now.....


Children are on strike.


It seems that a group of militant left wing tree hugging, horoscope reading, hug-a-hoodie championing breeders who have named their offspring things like Champagne and Liberace, have taken upon themselves to get their children out of education (which as far as I know is a crime) so that they can have a walk in the woods instead of "suffering PTSD" from doing bit of maths and English.

As far as I understand it, there has been a test for small children which required them to do some sums and answer some questions about verbs and whatnot.

Some of the questions were seen as being too difficult.

I can appreciate parents being a bit miffed about this. But they are blaming the government when they should be blaming the teachers.

I'm not going to claim that I know what subjunctive adverb is... and I don't really care.

I was never taught that kind of stuff at school.

I have never knowingly failed at anything due to my lack of understanding of relfexive pronouns or Qualitative adjective (yes I had to look those up). But that is not the point.

The point is that teachers are being asked to teach this kind of stuff and are failing.


Is failing the right word... or should that be refusing?

It really falls into two catagories.

1) The tests ARE too hard, but when teacher have been preparing their class to take these tests, they have been unable or unwilling to do the graft required in order to achieve the required standards of knowledge the children need to cometently fulfil the task in hand.... ie- teach the little gits what an adverb is.

2) The tests ARE too hard, but instead of informing parent that these tests are actually a test of teachers ability to pass on knowledge and not a pass/fail for children, the teachers have sacrificed the potential for kids to learn things in lieu of having ANOTHER DAY OFF JUST AFTER A BANK HOLIDAY.

It has been noted before on this blog that strikes always occur in and around bank holidays or when the weather is nice.

This is no coincidence. 

I do have some sympathy for teachers and doctors and truck drivers and miners... but only so much.

Unions are fast as lightening to call a strike and make a big song and dance about fighting the powers that be and how nobody knows their struggles etc, but we all have difficult stuff to be getting on with.

I had to scrape human waste from a toilet today. It won't be the first time and it wont be the last, but that is part of my job and I crack on with it.

I have not had a pay rise in over 5 years.

I earn such a small amount for the work that I am not eligible pay National Insurance.

I doubt that if I knew the difference between a non-gradable adjective and a comparative adjective (still non the wiser for looking it up) I would have a less messy job and more money... as it is - I chose this work and I enjoy my life for what it is.

Allowing children to go on strike is exactly the same as saying "Don't bother doing anything you don't want to do because trying hard is not worth it. Just go off in a strop and eventually you will get your own way."

I'm glad I don't have kids because they would get bullied to high Heaven for being forced to go into school every day and learn stuff.


  1. Oooooooo I do like when you are annoyed Mr H. . . . It is of course not the kids on strike as they would know nothing about it because they are too busy with their little heads stuck to the screen of a smart phone. An ironic name because they (the smart phones not the kids) suck any sense that folk had out of their brains and into the small flat screen of doom.

    I think one of the modern dilemmas for teachers is they are not allowed to tell kids off any longer so its tricky probably made trickier by the fact that these teachers are now from the generation of kids that the teacher was not allowed to tell off or send up a chimney from time to time.

    In the old days it would have been the small children who would be sent off to the toilet blog to scrub them clean rather than turn then into a horror movie. A direct effect of try to use the toilet while operating a smart phone.

    I have never been good at exams but I still had to do the DAMN things and made my way through life OK doing some interesting stuff even if I very often crashed out on an exam. I mean if they are that hard cheat is what I say. . . If it is good enough for politicians then it is good enough for small children.

    Qualitative adjective . . . . .OOOOOOOO what is that then.

    1. I hope that makes sense it is late and I had to leap outside to stop a cat fight. . . .stupid cats.

  2. I say send the little blighters back up them chimneys and downs those mines!

    1. I think they should jump up and done on the mines.

    2. Yes to all the things.

      As long as they are not near me or my precious comic books.... not for kids, comics!


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