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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Henry Hut: The Hidden Truth Behind The BBC

Henry Hut - TRUTH WIZARD- here with another of my amazing exposes.

This Time it's the BBC who are being scrutinised under the microscope of justice!

If you are lucky enough to have access to High Definition TV you will be aware of the fantstic clarity of picture available to you on dozens of channels.

One of those channels is BBC One HD, which is almost the exact same as BBC One but one very subtle difference.

Local news is not currently produced in HD quality and so during those times of day when a generic local radio has-bean and an up and coming perky fresh faced presenter try to show empathy and concern for the minature disasters, murders and post office robberies that occur in your area, anybody who tries to view in the glory that is HD is met with the video below.

If you have seen this Ident before, the chances are you changed channel or got up and made a brew.

I, however, am a lazy pig and usually can not be bothered to change the channel and will sit through a full 15 minutes of a spinning red circle (a bit like netflix when the wifi is on it's arse).

It was one dark and lonely evening whilst waiting for an episode of shouty television, (otherwise known as Question Time) that I witnessed something horrific.

The BBC do not allow you rewind or record this segment of their output and so in order to prove my theories, I had to wait until the next time it popped up on my screen.

A few days passed before I was able to see this video again and I grabbed my phone and began to record.

At the 3 minute 52 second mark I heard it..... Whilst a bunch of penguins skate around an ice rink a small child can be clearly heard to swear.

This happens again when the clock on screen says 32 seconds..


Here it is again....

It's true.

The words "F*cking Bugger" can be clearly heard twice in an official video produced and sanctioned by the BBC.

This video is broadcast at least three times a day, seven days a week and has been on our screens since 2008.

The BBC allows this.

They MUST already know it happens and are laughing at you.

Subliminal messaging has been used throughout the history of TV with varying degrees of success, but this..... THIS OUTRAGE is nothing short of the BBC sticking up two fingers to the British public.

The Queen watches shows on the BBC and I bet she has an HD TV, so she may have seen it.

The BBC hates the Queen and that is treason.

This video is shown daily on the BBC and I urge you all to try and see it.

I'm not here to tell you what to do with this information.. I'm no revolutionary. 

I am just just a deliverer of truth.

I've been Henry Hut.

You have been Facted!

I have recorded this video directly from my own TV.

It has only been edited to reduce the time it plays.

Nothing has been added visually or in audio either.

If you have access to BBC One HD you can view this video at any time that a program is not shown in HD.


  1. Mr H as it happens I dont have HD television so I was rather interested by what you wrote. I have listened to the two clips and you are right about what is said. Well that is odd indeed and I am now wondering why a small child is swearing like that in the first place. The whole thing reminded me of that rather good 1966 classic cult film Blowup. . . only in this case in sound rather than an image. OOoooo I must watch that film again sometime it really is a classic of its day. One now has to ask, do the BBC know, Has the Queen hear it, and if you tell the BBC that you have heard it will a hit man be sent off to make sure you dont go telling everyone. I mean just be making a comment here could be risky. . . . . HANG ON. . . . . DAMN

    Sorry BBC I heard nothing

    Mr H . . .No never heard of him.

  2. It took me three listens before I heard it. Still, it was more entertaining than 99% of the crap the BBC churns out...f**king buggers.


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