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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Thought For The Day.

When Tim Peake went into space (15th Dec) He missed the deaths of 

Terry Wogan, 
Ronnie Corbett, 
Burt Kwok, 
Victoria Wood, 
David Guest, 
Howard Marks, 
Garry Shandling, 
Paul Daniels, 
Glen Frey, 
Dan Haggerty, 
and Alan Rickman as well as many more that I can't remember.....

Then, just as he gets his Earth legs back, the UK leave the EU.

That poor bugger must think he's come back to a parallel Universe.

Don't anyone tell him that Wales, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and England are all through to the knock out stages of the football.... his have a fit!

Poor Tim.


  1. On the bright side Mr H he can say none of it has anything to do with him, with the exception of the football. He could take credit for all the home nations getting through because he had the best view in order to advise them where to pass the ball. If we now find all the home nations lose and fail to get any further then it will prove the point that we need Tim is space. I think we should send him back.

    1. I feel a bit for Northern Ireland tonight, but am glad Wales made it through. . . I think they might do better than England yet.


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