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Sunday, 3 July 2016


Its been one hell of ride.

It really has.

I have had a lot of fun writing this blog over the years, since 2010 no less.

It's safe to say we have had an adventure or two. 

(348 to be exact.)

Remember that time we travelled faster than the speed of light?

Or that time we learnt that bananas have not evolved for over 7000 years and are still trying to kill us?

Oh, what about when we answered that age old question about trees falling over in the woods? 

There have been many posts I have written that I really enjoyed writing.

I have done my best to save the world from itself, but I fear my efforts have not been enough.

I have had a great time doing this, but just like a roll of toilet paper, everything must end.

Every story has a final chapter.... and this is it for me.

THOUGHTLESS GIBBERISH is coming to an end.

I am making a number a changes to my on line existence.

It's something I have been meaning to do a for while and now seems as good a time as any and part of that change is the end of this little blog of mine.

I have deactivated my Facebook account, will change my G+ profile this week and other alterations will be made in the coming week as I consolidate my life into a more manageable hobby.

Real life is changing for me and part of that change means I have to re-invent myself so the Bumf will be locked away in a small dark room, never to see the light of day with nothing but a dead rat on the end of a bit of string for company.

But fear not, for I will not be disappearing completely.

Like a Phoenix from the ashes I will return to blogging very shortly with something new.

I will probably use some of the guff I have written previously to fill out the pages of my new adventure.

I will admit I am sad that more people didn't read this blog of mine, but that is mainly down to me not writing often enough, or writing better things, or promoting myself properly.

That being said, I would to thank everyone who has ever taken the time to read this blog and a special heartfelt thank you to those who made the effort to comment.

A very special thank you goes to the following people who kept me going even though they didn't know it. (mainly because they are much better than I am at this malarkey):

Rob Z Tobor.

Miss Lily (and spawn)

That damned pigeon

Well, that's it from me.

Take care of each other, be nice and don't forget to spiel chick. Farewell one and all.

Bumf. (2010-2016)


  1. Mr H I am deeply saddened by this news but I entirely understand. Yes I realise you have won the lottery and are worried we will turn up on your doorstep and demand cash. And you are entirely correct we will you bastard. . . . . .

    Well it has been fun . . . . OK slightly fun . . . . . OK it has not been fun . . . but then that is the sort of chap I am I hate fun.

    I hope to see you in cyberspace in some form although will I know it is you . . . . All the best good sir I wish you well and much happiness, although if you have won the lottery I bet you are partying already.

    I will wave at the monitor in a last futile gesture of goodwill . . . .

    The world of blogging has gone very very quite for me too. . . maybe leaving that EU thing was an error. . . . . DAMN

    1. I have just checked my lottery numbers and didn't get a single one... AGAIN!

      I am really good at dodging those coloured little numbered balls.

      Things are set to change for me in the near future (not in a bad way... or a lottery winning either *damn*) but I do need to re-invent myself.... god, this sounds like I'm on the run from the law! hahahaha

      I will still be on line a fair bit and hopefully a bit more sociable and generally an all round better internetter.

  2. Hi Mr Hogart, I for one have always enjoyed your posts and loved the way you look on the world so many of us find stale and dreary. I do so hope you will not be vanishing from us completely as the world and my world is a much better place for having you in it. What ever guise you choose, I hope you will keep me in your circle of friends.

    Keep well my friend,



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