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Monday, 20 December 2010

December 20

Snow is falling, much the same as it did last year and everybody... and I mean everybody is panicking.
Its winter and it snows.
This is what you want isn’t it?
This is the picture you send on Christmas cards at this time of year. A snowy scene full of snow. Your wish has been granted and all people can do is over-react and moan about how snowy it is.

Its winter people. That's what happens. Granted it may not be as severe most years as what we have now. But last year was a very snowy year with lots of ice around for others to fall over and hurt themselves on.
You have central heating don’t you?
You have hot running water don’t you?
I don’t.
But I’m not moaning like a spoilt brat about how I slept through -17 C temperatures or the fact that my sink is blocked and can’t do the washing up without carrying my dirty plates across the site to the facilities block.
I’m just getting on with it.
Stop being so wet and soft.
Its winter.
Again – just to reiterate the point. IT’S WINTER!
During the winter months its cold. There’s a massive clue to the fact that its getting colder... it’s called autumn. That’s when the days start to become shorter in daylight and the temperature begins to drop. You are no longer wearing shorts or eating as many ice creams.
There are less strikes and protests about because of one of two things. Either all issues have been satisfactorily resolved or. . And this is just a wild stab in the dark. . it’s TOO COLD to stand up for your principles / bigger wage packet / more holidays etc and you’d much rather have a nice cup of tea and watch ‘allo ‘allo on the tele.
At this point I would like to take this opportunity to make a plea to the woman who was on the news last night.
Hello madam, I think you need to be informed that just because your flight was cancelled due to the weather conditions being deemed too severe for air travel it does not give you the right to put your face on TV, open your moronic mouth and drool out the words “people are suffering here!”
You are not suffering.
People in the third world who live in fear of repressive dictatorships with little food and even less hope are suffering.
You are just two days late for booking into the hotel Idioto del la Numbty in Crete.
Behave yourself missus.
I know it’s a long shot that she is reading this blog or that anyone she knows reads this but if I don’t get it off my chest I might just pop.
She is just one of many, many idiots I have seen, read and spoken to about the weather.
We Brits usually love chatting inanely about how “the weather is mild/good/poor for this time of year” and yet snow seems to bring out the mentalist in folk.
The news readers don’t help.
Having just watched the start of the ITV news where that bloke with the face who used to do police camera action, almost started a fight with the transport secretary live on air over something that had nothing to do with either of them.
Seriously the guy was looking for a full scrap.
I’m sure it will appear on you-tube in due course so keep your eye out because it was unnecessary.
So far we’ve had a couple of days of snow, which then thawed and then some more snow. Granted the trains are stopping and the airports are behind with take offs and the like. But that’s nothing new. It’s like this ALL YEAR ROUND.
For one final time today. People, please calm down.
I have an unnerving suspicion this country is full of morons.
I shall endeavour to keep my eye on the situation.

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