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Monday, 8 August 2011

London riots: A Review

"last orders at the bar..."

Riots seem to be the new tattoos.

Every prick is doing it.

Tottenham, Brixton and other London-esque places that I have never been too are self destructing.
But why?

Not even wild rabid animals would destroy their own nest unless they were infected by a mind melting disease.

Animals though have not invented the Jeremy Kyle show.

And that ladies and gentlemen is the real cause of these riots.

Day time TV.

Of course it all started on Saturday when some guy got shot by SO19 officers. The hardest and bravest of all the police force. SO19 are the guys who can shoot a fly’s nipple off at 200 yards.
SO19 officers shot a man in a taxi, who was carrying a gun. An unlicensed gun by the way. An unlicensed gun that would be used to hurt or kill someone. That is what guns do. That’s what they are for.

So the police did their job and probably saved someone’s life.

If they hadn’t we would be seeing images on the news of yet another kid shot dead because they “lived in the wrong area or were in the wrong gang.

Gangs! Every little prick in London is in a gang and therefore, by definition is either 4 years old or 
Gary Glitter. Prove me wrong!
All round good guy?

Either way. This guy is dead and suddenly everyone wants to get involved. A protest is held and for the most part is peaceful for the people who are there for the right reasons.
But unfortunately there are many idiots out there that are looking for any old excuse to kick off.
Be them BNP, IRA, or any labour union from the 1970s. They all want a good scrap.
That’s what happens when lots of people get together on the streets.

There will be those who are there in protest of what has happened and want real answers for the death of a man. I have nothing against those people.

But for the majority of those out on Saturday and as well as Monday, those people are out and about for no other reason than to cause damage and steal and destroy.
When traffic warden ATTACK!!

Fact is most of these people will be from those areas and are simply destroying the homes and workplaces they live in and use.

Come the morning they will a huge TV in their front room to view the aftermath of their night of fun. From there they will start to bitch and moan about how there are no jobs and that’s why they are on the dole.

It has nothing to do with the fact that they can’t get a job because last night they burnt down the McDonalds and Carpet-right.


And this brings me to the crux of the problem. 4these idiots have nothing better to do with their time than watch daytime TV. All day long they sit in front of the goggle box and stare at shows such as Jeremy Kyle and Trisha and other mind numbing idiocy.

Like a caged tiger there is a certain point when the mind snaps and all hell breaks loose.

London is a shithole.
That time is now.

The only solution is to nuke the lot of them.

Send in the army and shoot indiscriminately.

Less worthless punks to beg of the state and a lot of fun TV news for the rest of to watch.

Like that scene from Zulu. I can just see Michael Caine now.... “TAKE AIM.....FIRE AT WILL!”

There are too many people in the world.

There must be a better solution than mine.

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  1. There is a better solution: frying them in oil and feeding them to the pigs.


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