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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A Solution To The Riots: A Guide

One or the other? option two please.
I may have premature in previous posts claiming that the world is on its arse and upside down.
I was wrong – but by about two weeks.

With the London riots poised to become the number pastime in the UK, news from around the world shows just how far this madness has spread.

The pick of the bunch is from Iranian Isna student’s news agency, where they report that “...Iran called for London police to exercise self-restraint in dealing with protesters”

The Future of Our Country is in His Hands!
This link here ---> http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-14458424 simply shows exactly why some people should not be allowed to breed or for that matter breathe without the consent of the local authorities.

Some people have made calls for the army to be called in and help the police or for water cannons to be used on rioters with ink that doesn’t wash off so that it is easier to catch these thugs.
And for the most part I agree.

But something more sinister should be done.

The England football match has already been cancelled. That is a good start.
It is no coincidence that hundreds of people were seen running down the streets with massive TVs the night before an international football game...

The bastards!
The right so Self Protection.

Another option would be to class looting and rioting as self employment and tax the holy crap out of anyone seen on recordings with a massive 60% tax bill on everything they have stolen plus the RRP of what they have nicked.

Not only will they have their benefits stopped but the national deficit could be notched down a peg.
Failing that – shoot the rat bastards.

Robbing from your own “because we can” is no excuse. The money needed to rebuild those who own and run businesses that have lost out should be paid from by the money reserved for the dole scum.

We don’t need them, don’t want them and shouldn’t have to suffer.

I want to see the upper classes revolt against the rioters now.

Lord and Lady Thingy-me-bob – Smyth and the rest of them should straddle their horses, blow trumpets and charge around towns and cities with their hunting dogs.

The dogs would already be incensed with the scent of Lynx Africa on a dirty rag and the top hat brigade can be cheered on by the rest of us as they whizz and zoom down high streets chasing off hooded youths.

Picture the scene:
                The BBC has the rights to a sporting event at last... Live coverage in glorious HD (where available), commentary from Jeremy Clarkson and    Jeremy Kyle on hand to give live interviews from the heart of the action. “Why are you DOING this??? WHY????”

The gangs can still run around and even be sponsored by Greggs or Silk Cut if they want.
It would appease the Daily Mail brigade (if rear I’m becoming one of them...) animal rights activists because no foxes are being harmed, the police and pretty much anyone who likes sport – only it would be illegal for anyone to support the rioters.

There you go. Solved it. Again.

Another problem that need not exist.

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