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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Anal Nits

 I may have already put this little ditty up on the internet somewhere in one form or another. But this is the first time you will have seen the full version.
You lucky people.

I wrote it in 2002 at around 3am one tuesday morning.

Anal Nits are a problem.
They can get you any time.
So keep your bottom nice and clean,
and I think You'll be just fine.

"Hurrah I am a muse."
Be careful where you leave your bum,
When you fall asleep.
You never know just where or when,
Those Anal nits will creep.

They itch and scratch and bite your bum,
and live by eating poo.
But they are Gods little creatures,
And they have feelings too.

So spare a thought for Anal nits,
Incase of reincarnation.
'Cos you may come back in your next life,
As part of an infestation.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Damn! Wondered what that itching was.


  2. That was just beautiful. I didn't know those little beasties existed, but thanks for the enlightenment :)


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