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Monday, 12 December 2011

Excuses Excuses...

I’ve just realised it’s been five days since I last posted anything. What must you think of me? (don’t answer that.)

In my defence I have been away in the Lake District for a bit of a family get together. It was a rum old weekend full of drink and fine food and long walks.

They do things a bit different in Cumbria

Along one of the walks I spotted this little curiosity which I’m sure will puzzle you as much as it did me and the dog. Mrs H had gone back to the hotel because it was cold and we were informed half way along our trek that the cafe we were all hoping for hadn’t been there since the late 50’s!

Other than that I’ve had to build yet another piece of furniture. Mrs H has taken things too far this time as I have spent three whole hours hammering a chest of drawers together. Apart from the fact that we don’t need them, the damned thing is so tall I can’t reach the radio from my bed – goodness knows how I will listen to my stories now!

Now you know where coloured wool comes from!
In case you were not already aware, its that time of year where we all get a little more selfish and grumpy readying ourselves for that one day of the year where the people we know the best dress up and sit around the table to chew through some of the most tasteless meat in the universe (I hate turkey).

No doubt you will have found yourself muttering under your breath as you try in vain to shove and push your aching body through the throngs of faceless idiots who are all in search of that perfect/cheap gift for that special person who clearly stated they “don’t really want anything this year.” But you know all too well that if that’s you get them you’re in for a whole year of trouble and strife.

With this in mind I won’t keep you any longer but will leave you with the following photos I took while out and about in Keswick. Enjoy.

Click to enlarge this one!
Curry or maggots - or is it both?
They're just giving things away in Keswick


  1. An excellent choice of photographs Mr H you have a good eye for these things in fact I hope you have two good eyes.

    Ah yes Christmas shopping you need to do what we do and always take a flame thrower it works wonders in M and S and during their 25% off day last week we were in out out in a flash, although the smell of petrol did linger a while in the aisle.

    I am not eating Turkey this year having watched next doors wander up and down the field as happy as Larry (Who was Larry and why was he happy.... Will I Google him and find out.......Naaaaaaaa). Anyway as I said no turkey for me I have my eye (both of them) on the Red Kite I have never had Red Kite. Only it is not responding well to the bountiful pile of bread crumbs made into the shape of a mouse and held together with a bit of PVA.

    Right enough of this banter Mr H I am sure you are not interested in the hum drum of my life in such detail.

    And by the way 5 days is but the blink of an eye (just the one) in the world of blogs (thats the good eye not the other one)

  2. Free application forms? Perhaps I could get some for the family as Christmas presents.

  3. You can stop being all bah humbug an' all. You love Christmas.

    I think he only thing about Keswick is that the guy who does Kingsmill bread was born there or summat.


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