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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Always The Last To Know

Firstly, I would like to offer my encouragement to all my fellow bloggers out there who are taking part in the A-Z challenge this month.
I’ve read as many as I could and so far have seen some excellent work.

A special pat on the back goes to Lily, Rob Z ToborDoctors Orders and Muppets for Justice to name but a few.

But before I hand out any awards for your hard efforts – I’d like to bloody know how the ell every other bugger out there knows about these challenges and not me.

It’s always been like this though out my life.
From a small child to a fully grown idiot, I have always been the last to know what’s going on and what’s cool n stuff.

Whether it’s TMNT (if you don’t know – don’t ask) shell suits (mine was white and green and I bloody loved it) to popular music.
In the mid 1990’s a local Manchester band popped on the radio to a flurry of mild hysteria by those in the know music wise.

Oasis was their name and the first song of theirs that I truly became aware of was wonderwall.

It was shiiiiii-te.

I hated Oasis. With a passion.

All my friends would rave about how rock and roll they were and how cool Liam was.

I thought he was a nobhead.

I haven’t changed my mind 15 years later.

As the years past more albums were released and I found myself slowly but surely enjoying their efforts.

I still think Wonderwall is a crap song.

But back to my main point.

I miss things out. For whatever reason.

I will endeavour to ensure that next time one of these challenges starts I am in there.

In the meantime for no other reason than I haven’t put up something original and actual made by me for a while – here is a proper song I made a few years back one afternoon with my mate Paul (guitar and backing) *oasis we aint- hahaha*

Ps- I hope this loads, because it has taken 8 days to pissing load up(bloody internets)..... enjoy.


  1. Don't worry Bumferry Hogart, next year I'll be supporting you when you take part in the challenge, whilst simultaneously having a nervous breakdown because you can't think of anything to write for 'O.'

    Tried to watch the video...computer says "no."

    1. YOU can't think of anything beggining with 'O'? I find that very difficult to believe Miss Lily. *goes and stands in the naughty corner for having rude thoughts so early in the morning....*

  2. Standing ovation. But i you ever go anywhere near the X-Factor I'm putting a pillow over your face in the night...

  3. Yo Mr H welcome back to the wonderful world of cyberspace. You are not really missing to much with the A to Z it just plays games with your mind. I was thinking of how I could have a conversation with someone today staring ever word with R or S. And I thought hang on this is real life what the hell is going on.

    I made an Album a few years ago that I sold on the internet for £125 it was the worlds most expensive album, It used to get airplay time in Holland quite a lot but I never sold any albums on the the Internet, one day I must upload a few tracks. I wrote play and sing everything but its OK if weird.

    Thanks for the track...... Well Cool

  4. What is this A-Z challenge? I am so confused that it hurts.

    Nice song!


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