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Wednesday, 4 April 2012


I should have known that I was being too cocky.

The BBC came down and did a bit of filming this morning.

I made them a brew and let them inside the house and everything.

Then it came to filming time...

 "Tits and teeth darlings..." I told myself. "Tits and teeth."

And then...


They didn't want to film me.

The bloody cheek.

Instead they filmed a load of campers and then my Dad.

Mr Grumpy Pants 2012 himself.

I took a few pictures which didn't come out very well and all in all its was a bit of a let down.


The very nice man from the BBC Shropshire radio came along, turning the site into a media circus and interviewed me instead.

I prefer the radio anyway.

TV is rubbish.

I guess the release of my autobiography will have to wait a little longer.

My appologise to anyone who sat through Bargin Hunt, waiting to see me make a complete bumhole of myself.

*insert sad face here*


  1. Whaaaa.?! They didn't photograph you draped across a mobility scooter or frollicking by the chemical waste pit?

  2. Bearing in mind I live in Shropshire I think I should warn you I never listen to Shropshire Radio, I am a Home service (sorry Radio four listener).

    So your dad is now a media Modal like that Rupert (the bear) Murdock , Does your dad also have a young Chinese wife (sorry do I mean Chinese takeaway?).

    PS do you think you could have words with those in the know and bring back the sun (not the newspaper)

  3. You mean to tell me, that you made me sit through an hour of Tim 'gap toothed' Wonnacott for nothing?! You owe me Bumferry Hogart! (shakes fist in mock ire)

  4. Ha ha! Sorry to hear your career as latest weather-man didn't work out (was it the tea bags?). But Mr Small-Backwater-nobody-ever-listens-to-local-Radio-Man has quite a nice ring to it don't you think?!

  5. Ugh. I missed all of the drama. (This silly A-Z thing is taking up way too much of my time.) BBC, filming, TV! That's so cool. Or, at least, it would have been so cool. But, yeah, that radio thing, also cool (just not quite as cool as TV...wait, no, I mean, way cooler than dumb ol' TV).

  6. That is such a shame. I had a similar experience where a man approached me from Radio Sheffield and asked if I'd heard of some sort of scheme for youngsters to get back into work. When I excitedly told him that I hadn't heard of the scheme, he suddenly got bored of me and went elsewhere. BBC bastards!


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