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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Day I Answered The Call....

Changes are coming....

By the time you read this post I will have been interviewed by BBC television.

“Wow” you may be thinking, “the BBC eh? Sounds exciting!”

But you would be very, very wrong.

The BBC rang this afternoon and asked if I would like to an interview about.... wait for it...

Wait a bit longer for real suspense....


The weather.

That’s right folks. There is absolutely NOTHING ELSE going on in the world at the moment that the BBC want to talk about and have run out of experts and celebrities.

The bottom of the barrel is well and truly being scrapped to the point of poking through to the scum on the underneath.

It must be the case because of all the things I could (and on this blog – there’s plenty of BS to pick from) rant on about, the Beeb have chosen me to yak on about a bit of cold weather.

They will be coming down around 10ish and asking me questions about snow, wind and coldness.
Its going to be awful.

Mainly because I have very big doubts that there will be any snow left on the ground by mid morning and what there will be of it will mainly be tiny puddles of slush.

It does of course mean my ultimate plan of remaining anonymous will wither and die like so many daffodils in Scotland this week.


It will though give me the perfect excuse to make the small but important changes I have been planning to make to the blog and indeed my online appearance.

Embrace change as the Skrulls told us a year or so ago. (Sorry, major geek reference there)

If you are bored and some sort of weirdo why not have a search and try and find me.

What a funny way to point at Edinburgh!

I’ll be the one looking like me.


  1. Much like weather predictions...I'd say you have a 50/50 chance of becoming a weather man!

  2. I'll be able to point to the screen and say to no-one in particular, "I knew him before he was famous."

  3. The weather has been fairly whacked lately...i'll have to keep an eye out for you

  4. Yes its April and it is snowing in Britain...... Shock Horror just when I was polishing my sunglasses and stuff. You tell them Mr H.

    I will now hold you personally responsible for my summer, so make it warm and sunny and only rain when I'm inside. No Pressure Mr H


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