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Monday, 28 May 2012

An Open Letter To You.

Hi-dee hi bloggers!

The laptops still knackered but Mrs H is at work and I’ve come inside from all this lovely sunshine to cool down a bit, which gives me the perfect opportunity to brag tell you that I’m going to be on TV again!

I’m becoming quite the media whore!

A couple of weeks ago the caravan channel (sky 213 I think) popped round to do a review of the site and it was piddling it down.

But now the sun is out, BBC Wales have decided to jump on the Bumferry bandwagon and want to come and do a LIVE report from the site.

It’s all to do with a world record breaking attempt of the most people in various locations wearing paper hats at the same time. (I’m not making this up)

Somehow we have roped into being the face of the club during this event for the BBC and so yours truly will be gurning his ugly mush to all the homes in Wales.

I’m not sure why BBC Wales are coming here because we are in Eng-ur-land but its free publicity for us so I’m keeping shtum!

Hope everyone is well and not too sunburnt.

While the laptop is still attempting to strangling itself and stopping me from spending any quality time online, I hope to download an app that will let me view all the blogs I miss reading.

If anyone knows of such a thing please let me know. I’m using Google Currents at the mo but doesn’t seem to update and I can only view posts from the end of April which is rubbish.

And the blogger app just lets me post and not view comments which again is a bit a of a let down.
Once again my apologies for not interacting as much as I would like. Fingers crossed I can get this damned thing fixed before too long.

Keep yourselves nice and tidy.

Chin Chin!


ps- (please note the jolly tone of this post is not indicative to the general tone of what this blog is about. Normal service will be resumed once payday comes and I can get the laptop fixed....now bugger off)


  1. Hang in there Mr H....... So you are a media star now. Well done and I hope you will be wearing a paper hat. I cant think a a better way of ensuring it will rain than a world record attempt on the paper hat record....

  2. Just to say Mr H got your message on the blog. You are almost operational now. Hope those laptop issues get sorted soon we all miss that wit of yours. (NAAAAAaaa not really, just saying that to make you feel better HAHAHH hah aha hah hah hah hah ah hahha)

  3. Fame at last! If anything good comes from this debilitating hot weather, than it's seeing your mug on TV.

    Hurry back, we're one RATS short.

  4. Well done you ! Fame and fortune beckon... perhaps.

    I have an android phone (sony experia) and blogger functions just the same as it does on my laptop. So I think it's probably more about the phone then the app.

    1. Thanks DCG. I have one of those sony xperia arc S (the S is for stoopid people like me) I figured out today that if i go on the web as normal i can use blogger as normal, but the app just lets me post. doesnt let see stats or links to the blogs i follow. maybe im not pressing hard enough or holding it right... thats happened with other things before and why i got thrown off the number 70 bus last week.

  5. Yeah, the Blogger app is pretty useless and utterly underwhelming. Using the phone's default browser is much better.

    Anyway, I'm considering moving to Wales so that I can see you on telly regularly. You'll be a Welsh superstar, like Tom Jones!

  6. I saw your rider list.

    What's with the 200 tins of bully beef and demand to be constantly accompanied on-set by models - both male and female - made to dress like Fred Dibnah?


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