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Monday, 21 May 2012

Transvestite Prostitute? There's An App For That.

Hello. Its me. I'm back.

Well, kind of.

You see, the laptop is still sounding like a thousand lawnmowers falling down a cliff made of steel drums and mrs H is very unhappy about it to say the least.

While she's been out at work I've been not-so-secretly jumping online and asking every techno babble website I can find for an answer too my noise polluting plastic companion. And although the answers have been forthcoming and extensive they have also been quite expensive. (if you didn't know already - i'm quite the skinflint)

Anyway, here I am NOT lost in the wilderness of cyberspace but comin' atcha via my newly installed mobile app.

This is probably the reqson you will see the letter q where you see the letter q .... I mean a.

Haha. A little mobile phone humour for you there.

I will try my best to find a way to get back to all my favourite blogs and let you know in person that Im still around.

Hopefully my laptop issues will be resolved soon and I can bore with other topics , like the fact that ive finally been interviewed for the tele And how I ended my birthday evening trying my best NOT to stare at transvestite prostitutes... More on that LATER.

Thanks for reqding ( see what I mean about q and a....) keep it street guys!


Ps- not figured out how to do pictures yet. So imagine what you will before commenting. Thanks.


  1. Well Mr H it is good to know you are still hanging in there. You are doing a much better job with a phone than I could so I am well impressed

  2. Transvestite prostitutes? You should have let me know that you were down my neck of the woods!

    Hope your problems get sorted soon...oh and the computer...What?? Well I found it funny.

  3. Glad you've found a way to keep in touch on here. Luckily **SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT** my blog, Muppets For Justice, uses a template which is optimised for mobile phone browsing, so you'll be able to keep up with all the latest Muppety goodness!

    As for your laptop, if it's whirring really loudly it sounds like it could be overheating. Are your fan vents underneath? If so, you might need to raise it up rather than lay it flat on a surface/your lap so that warm air can be blown out. Alternatively, if your fan is dusty, this could cause the same problem. Get some air duster and give the vents a good spray.

  4. Sounds stupid but try hoovering your keypad. Sometimes it's all it needs.


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