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Monday, 6 August 2012

5 Years ago, 4 Years ago and 5 Years ago..

Ah... the memories.

There's something going on down south.

Something to with Oli and his Limp pic’s or something.

Everybody is talking about it even Women.

But that’s for the BBC to get on with.

I'm here to talk to you today about the very special weekend we have just had here at the campsite.

Where's my Goddamned gifts ya big pink monkey?
It is not the fact that Mrs H is out of her cast and able to wiggle her toes, nor the fact that it is the dogs 4th birthday (which we forgot, but the dog has had other things on his mind such as making holes in the fence and escaping Steve McQueen style) or even that it is the 5th anniversary of me and Mrs H being stuck with each other (something else we forgot until this morning).

All these things happening at once must take a step back as this weekend saw the campsites 5th birthday.
5 years old.

To celebrate this we have put up the marque and had bingo on Friday night.

Saturday was Deal or no Deal, Horse racing and a raffle.
Nobody was allowed to leave until they sign
 a legal form confirming they had a good time

Its something we do on site every year (as well at Christmas) and everyone joins in the fun.

Its been a very hectic weekend on top all the other jobs that go into making a field full of pensioners and snotty brats happy and clean.

Because of these events I have not had time to be angry at the world or allow idiots and morons to waste my time.

But not only has this weekend been a time of celebration for the site but I have also been informed that my house has been sold as well!

Yippee for me!

It’s the dawn of a new age for me. No more mortgage payments, no more bills and no more headaches!
But as one door closes anther one opens as they always say.

Have FUN, ya buggers!
The door that has just opened is called “the latest Next catalogue.”

It costs (according to Mrs H at least) around about the same money as it cost to pay for a mortgage and gas and electric and home insurance and … well you get the picture.

But what does this mean for Thoughtless Gibberish?

A very good question.

I am going to open myself to potential ridicule here, but I will leave it to you dear reader.

What would you like to see on these electronic pages?

This is how you have fun the Hogart way!

Pop you thoughts in the box below and I will see what I can do with the most original/easiest/least criminal acts.

Go Little lead Horse -GO!!!

Thanks for reading. (or if you didn’t make it this far – screw you.)


  1. I will say congratulations Mr H on all things..... (1) the dog..... Happy Birthday Dog (2) Happy 5th anniversary (3)Happy Birthday camp site (4) Glad to see Mrs H is able to move her toes (5) Pleased to hear you have sold your house. Have they signed on the dotted line Mr H this is England unless they sign on the dotted line it can still go pear shaped (6) Happy Olympics or what ever, seeing those pics of the marque was like looking back at the opening ceremony all over again.

    Anyway with all this happiness going about and gold medals on every street corner I am concerned that you are letting this possibly influence your blog by letting your readers suggest stuff. Luckily I think most of your readers are all bitter and twisted cynics like me so........PHEW.

    I for one think you should just be yourself after all it will not take long for Post Olympic Stress Syndrome to hit the masses as it slowly dawns on Britain that nipping down to Halfords and buying a bike will not get you fit unless you actually ride it. And well there are hills and it rains a lot.

  2. Where are all the punters Mr H. there you are a brilliant witty blog and the masses are all watching Olympics......

    Hay that Lawn mover idea was Brill by the way


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