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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Bring Back Brookside... or George Peppard.

This decade really is rubbish. For so many reasons as well.

Firstly: what is it even called? We used to have the 60’s and the 40’s but what is the decade 2010-2019 supposed to be called?

We can’t call it the teens because that only includes those years from 2013-to 2019. It misses out a whole 20% of the decade.

"Reversible?" Nothing you do in your
career will undo this image pal!
The only solution I can work out is calling it the onesies.

That is just not acceptable in my book.

And so (again), I have created the perfect solution.

Let’s rename this decade the 90’s.

It makes sense if you think about it.

None of us will be around by the time the 2090’s happen so we won’t get confused and we can still call the 1990’s the 1990’s, because that was when it was.
Taking it one step further we can emulate the 1990’s and rework the best that decade had to offer.
Straight away, there weren’t as many fat kids in the 1990’s so we can have that which would solve the child obesity problem overnight.

Paedophiles were almost unheard of back then so that’s okay.

Things were cheaper and we would like things to be cheaper.

I’m sure I remember the days were longer and sunnier 20 years ago and the music was better too.
Sure, we had shell suits at the beginning of the 1990’s but seeing as how we are now half way through 2012 we can just ignore that. As well as most of the electro- euro-pop. This paves the way for more Indi rock and less lady Gaga. Result.

The more I think of it, the better this idea gets.

In a few years we might get news reports of a millennium bug, but because it is not really the 90’s we will know it’s just a load of toss and get on with things as normal and look forward to the 20’s.

George Peppard would still be alive and if they make another a-team movie he could be in it as well as the others which would be nice.

Best of all we could get rid of the Jeremy Kyle show and have Dales’ Supermarket sweep back on the box.

There simply isn’t a down side to this idea.

There are other reasons as to why this decade is pants, for all those misery guts that moan on about the Olympics we could replace with Euro 96. The stadiums were already built and we didn't win so they could still moan but about more important or relevant things.

TV was better. Because there was less of it. There were less things to have on as repeats so ...um... yea?

The point is, people are moaning about all sorts of silly things. Things that are out of their control and in most cases beyond their comprehension.

There was nothing to moan about in the 1990's. Missing last nights episode of Brookside was about it.

Meeting up required planning and dedication not a tweet or a poke online.

Things got done. There was no such things as EVIL or rain. EVERYTHING WAS WONDERFUL!!!!!!

Now that this is understood we can go back to being younger and fitter and not knackered and old.
for a while anyway.

Come on guys. Lets make this happen.

If not us - Then Who?!

Once again you are all very welcome for me making this world a better place.


  1. I'd quite like to watch Jarvis Cocker get his bum out at Michael Jackson again. Let's make it happen.

  2. It would be easier than you think. Jacko won't see it coming! It'll be a hoot.
    Plus Michael will still be the king of pop and not the kind of person who may or may not like to kids as gloves.

    Gary Glitter would still be a baddie though.

  3. My brain does not work like it used to, but the nineties were a bit of a mixed bag for me. I spent half of it recovering from being hit head on by a nutter, driving on the wrong side of the road, plus half the eighties as it happens. Then I worked in a place I affectionately called Dante's Inferno, and that was being nice about it. I couldn't cope too long with that and found an escape route in a quirky little local factory which made everyone redundant as a millennium gift.

    So as long as I don't have to go through that lot again and can have an inflatable George Peppard. Filled with helium so I can float him over the hedge to frighten the cows in the field next door then I am happy to go along. I quite like the cows in the field next door by the way, but George Peppard floating in the air chasing a herd of cows seems to embody every you are trying to achieve.

    1. Look on it as a second chance. Knowing what you know now you will know what not to do and where not to work. Because you seemed to have a crappy time of it, I'll offer a helium filled George Peppard for everyone who wants one! Cows be damned.

    2. Yo Mr H I'm in then..... or will I call you Mr T HAHAH HAHHA HAH HHAHAH HHAH HAH HAH AHH HAH HAHh ahh hahah

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