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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Eye Eye!

I don't very many skills.

Not the kind of skills one might need to ensure a long and productive life.

Were it not for microwaves and pot noodles, I may not have made through my teenage years.

However, I am able to a few things with my body that, to my knowledge, not many other people can.

And so I present to you all here and now a simple video presentation of what I am capable of doing when the need takes me.

Don't ask me how I learn't how I could do this. I just don't know.

I must have been very VERY bored one day.


Anyway. Click the link and enjoy as best you can.

Ladybugs and Jelly beans I present:

Freaky eyeballs:

Freaky Eyeballs: A Sinkingship True Story.


  1. Not bad. Not bad at all. However, you should see my patented Mesmerizing Stare.

  2. It's as if the eyes are following me round the room Mr H, quite uncanny. I trying hiding behind a chair but then could not reach the keyboard or see the monitor.

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