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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A Question That Will Make Everything Better.

There are many unanswered questions that require a resolution.

Where is he going with this...?
Throughout human history mankind has attempted to attach reasoning to the great mysteries of the universe.
Such questions from our distant past such “Where does the sun go at night?” and “What are clouds made of?” all the way to the chicken and the egg thing and trees in woods falling over and all that jazz.

My own personal favourite ponderable "HOW DO AREOPLANES STAY UP" is one that many people have tried to explain to me with their so-called scientific explanations using logic and evidence and the like but I just don’t believe any of them.

But there is one question and one question only that has the opportunity to unite everybody of every colour, creed and denomination.

It is the one question that may result in many differing answers but will ultimately give us all a chance to agree on one thing when the correct answer presents itself.

Today, I offer you lovely people the chance to be that one hero, that singular individual (is there any other kind?) who can utter those words of such truism that maybe, JUST MAYBE when we all wake up tomorrow the world might be a slightly better place.

Here it is. The one question to unite the world.

Get ready….
AAAArgh! I'm beinbg attacked by  conundrums!

(dramatic isn’t it?)

What is the best sitcom theme music EVER?

The answer may not be as simple as you think.

I would like you to take your time and consider your options. You are allowed as many goes as you like but make ‘em good ‘uns!

Once you have it in your head, write it down in the comments box below and share with the world.
Don’t be shy. There are no wrong answers (well, there are wrong answers, but you will not be hounded off the internet for trying to help the whole world! – this isn't twitter.)

Good luck everyone.  The runners up and the correct answer will posted at the end of play on the November the 5TH. So remember that date if you can…somehow. Maybe with a rhyme of some sort.


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFD7KGBUtKI

    1. Nice one Rob! Although it did make the dog bark and run out of the room which is not the reaction I was expecting. Could this be a winner..... maybe....

  2. Hay Mr H where are all the bloggers going is there a party we dont know about somewhere in cyberspace. Things like that happen to me all the time. I will be sitting quietly enjoying life when someone will call in and say "Why didn't you come that that amazing event up the road with the pelicans and the peanut butter", or something similar. . . . Something no one has told me about.

    Up to then I was happy, sitting listening to as many Sitcom intro's as I could think of; taking notes and scoring in a sort of Eurovision Song Contest way . . . . Nil Poi. Then of course I am not happy I have missed pelicans and peanut butter, lights and laughter and then resentment and paranoia sets in, was it on purpose, was I not wanted, am I being shunned.

    After all there I am blogging every night (OK it is a bit rubbish and I dont do sex and rude) but except for a tiny loyal group and a bunch of spammers (who are not all bad after all they do say I have a brilliant blog), I am here in the vast void of cyberspace and I cant help feel someone is having a party, I can smell the peanut butter as I type.

    OK Mr H just thought I would pass by and say hello

    ooooooo look a pelican I must go.


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