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Monday, 5 November 2012

The Answer That Will Make Everything Better

Last week I asked the question “What is the greatest sitcom theme EVER” in order to allow the world to rejoice in agreeing with at least one thing as a point of reference so that the UN or whoever can build a topic of rapport with all the nations of the world and bring about a glorious age of peace.

As it turns out only one fellow blogger had the wherewithal to produce a glorious effort.

That blogger was no other than Rob of http://robztobor.blogspot.co.uk/, which is well worth a look see, if you don’t already look and see it on a regular basis.

Thankyou Rob.

Rob’s effort was this little number which we all know and love:

Now, Maybe Robs vote of The Adams Family was firmly agreed by all to be the best of the best and no other vote was cast…. Or nobody else wants to see the human race progress towards a brighter future.

I don’t know for sure, but I have my own suspicions.

I will be sending an email to the UN with a link to this blog in order that they may take notice of our efforts, but in the unlikely event that we don’t see a special press conference in the coming weeks where all of the leaders of the world are seen clicking their fingers in time to the above theme tune, you only have yourselves to blame. (except me and Rob that is!)


  1. Rubbish. The only answer is the Red Dwarf theme.

    1. Addman Addman Addman.... Red Dwarf was/is a good show, there is no question about it. But the theme tune is only good for the first line. We are talking potential world peace here. I don't think Red Dwarf has the punch or what i like to call "foot tappy-ness" to make all the nations join in together.

      Maybe the first line, but beyond that it would just get really ugly really fast.

      Don't believe me? Try singing the theme in a Russian accent while keeping up with the tempo. I've tried - it is impossible.

    2. Now look here Addman you had your chance to vote but you were too busy trying to get free Mars bars, now Mars and Red Dwarf makes me suspect that you may be a frustrated astronaut. Having failed your space cadet exam you are now doomed to life on Earth walking the streets looking up at the sky in a wistful way as failed astronauts do. And cursing that Neil Armstrong calling him a clever dick despite the fact he is called Neil

      I will admit I am a great fan of the series Red Dwarf and unlike many series it got better as it progressed, it was a shame it ended; they need us MAD's to revamp it and get it back on the road or in space.

      HOWEVER the Red Dwarf theme if you listen to it in its entirety sounds like a bad eurovision song scoring Nil Poi like most of the latest British entries. OK yes I know no one likes us and would not vote for Britain even if we entered Led Zeppelin's finest work. The only reason folk got excited about the theme song was because of the anticipation of half an hour of decent telly.

      You see The Addams Family theme works as a stand alone intro and we all smile and sing alone even if at the end there is no show which as I remember correctly sometimes happened.

      Sorry this has got a bit long but to summarise I think what I am saying is :-

      YA SUCKS BOO . . . . . . .I win

      HAHH HAH HAH HAH AH HAHH AHH AH HAHH AHAHA HAHAHAh ahhah aha ha hahh ha hah.

  2. Thanks Mr H you are very kind, as they say in the East

    May your vans always be carried and your tow-bar always shine . . . .

  3. Utter bollocks. The Red Dwarf opening theme (excluding series 1 & 2) have face-melting guitars that rip through you far harder than the dull clicks we associate with The Addams Family. The Red Dwarf theme puts most rock operas to shame, fills you with pure excitement, and gives you good luck for at least seven days. It wouldn't stoop to Eurovision. I will not be silenced on this matter. This is a travesty and I shall not stand for it.

  4. Up with this I shall not put. You are both heretics of the highest order, and as such, shall be tried for your crimes.

    The opening theme of Red Dwarf (excluding series 1+2) is a rocking, face-melting, rollercoaster ride of astronomic proportions. The moment those guitars weave themselves into your ears, your face begins to melt into a puddle. You are unable to comprehend basic logic. Right and wrong no longer seem to have consequence. You are only freed from the music's embrace when it is deemed necessary to show you some comedy that's been tacked onto the end of the song. Comparing this to Eurovision is like comparing one of my congealed sneezes to a Kandinsky.

    And thus ends the geekiest comment I have ever written.

    1. I agree that the opening theme to Red Dwarf is indeed a roller coaster of electo-rock induced glee that transcends coherent thought and transports one back to a time of 'Smeeeeeg heeeeeeads' and GELFS and the like but who would this music promote world peace? It couldn't.
      In much the same way the theme from BlackAdder goes Forth fills ones heart with pride and remorse of all those who fought and fell during the first world war. But that too would only cause resentment and "funny looks" from our Germanic Cousins.
      I'm not saying the Germans don't like Red Dwarf but nore can I see the members of the UN all standing on their tables riffing to the opening credits of Red Dwarf.
      Clicking their fingers to the Adams Family, however, Is something that could make all the difference when it comes to the middle east nuking each other or the good ol' US of A invading/liberating another country would be put on hold until Obama/Romney managed to do a proper Lurch voice "Yoooooouuu raaaaaaaannnng?"
      Do you see Addman.... DO YOU SEE NOW!!!!
      ahem.... peace and love brother.

    2. I agree Mr H but I might have something we could all listen to as a sort of compromise although it has no words. But the show is something all true Brits know; it is a legend in the world of British humour. Even if the song is by a bunch of Americans (again) but it does have a sort of Celtic heart beat at the end, something a Scot like myself loves. We could then all hold lighters in the air and wave them about and be happy, and you can't ask for more than that.....


    3. I knew what that song within 9 seconds. Never heard this version (which must be the original i assume) What a beautiful tune. brings a tear to my eye and a lump in my throat.
      I'm listening to it as I type and keep expecting the voice of the book to jump at any moment... Good work that man!


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