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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Celebrity - All The Wrong People.

Last week Felix Baumgartner, who is a human man, jumped out of very small box and fell many many miles in a downward fashion to the ground and landed on his feet.


On the way down he achieved a number of world records.

Felix Baumgartner is somebody who should be celebrated.

He should be a celebrity as opposed to a man who kicks a rubber ball into some netting or a woman who has mouthed words in sync with some musical notes or even a person who has married anybody who has performed any of those actions at one point in their life.

Those people are not celebrities.

And yet they are.

Nivea? Does he play for Spurs?
Millions upon millions of desperate individuals will have pictures, posters and likenesses of so called achievers hanging on their walls, in their wallets or even worse – inked onto personal parts of their bodies.


I truly cannot understand how nations of teenagers can hold a woman who wears very little clothes and can mime the same three lines of a song in such admiration yet could not possibly name five people who have made changes in the world of medicine, safety or technological advancement for millions.

"Thankyou caller... Putting you on hold!"
How can Mother Teresa who spent most of her life travelling around the world caring for those nobody else would touch with YOUR barge pole NOT be trending on the likes of Twitter while some bloody pre-pubescent smooth faced boy band called 1D be causing more cases of damp knickers since the local Marks and Spencer’s left their warehouse doors open during the last bout of flooding?

Yes, Mother Teresa is dead and has been for some time, but what about Ester Rantzen? She sits at home all day and night manning the phones of child line or something, Where are her adoring fans?

Just like a young Gok Wan...only more annoying.

I’ll tell you where, they are all queuing up for tickets to see mop headed idiot grinning Justin Bieber in his lovely pants and hipster sneakers.

The nob.

Mother of year.... true story.

Why, when asked, do most school kids want to be Katie “my tits come with a money back guarantee” Price or David “I kicked a ball” Beckham when they can make a change in the world with charitable work and be more like Lance Armstrong or Sir Jimmy Saville….

Jim'll Fix it badges are going dead cheap on e-bay this week! 

Oh yea..... I get it now.


  1. David "I done a kick" Beckham has done lots for charity. Whenever someone hears him speak, they feel compelled to donate to mental health charities.

  2. Damn somehow I just deleted everything I just typed DAMN DAMN DAMN. I was saying about fighting off my fans with pointy sticks and signing autographs and the like. Which meant I somehow missed you post Mr H. Anyway I have found it now so PHEW.

    I am not a great fan of Ester Rantzen, although she does a good job, but all in all I quite agree. I would still like to know where that capsule that Felix Baumgartner jumped out of got to, is it still up there? will it land on Justin Bieber? or get headed into the back of the net by Mr Beckham.

    Keep up the good work . . . . .


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