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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Final Frontier...

Christmas came early in the Hogart household as I took delivery of my brand new telescope.

I have always had a fascination with space and after 8 months of research and reading up on all things astrological coupled with a fair bit of nagging and the bribe of a Kindle for Mrs H led to my telescope arriving a couple of weeks ago.

Unfortunately, with the telescope came some unwanted clouds, which meant I was unable to get any real good use out of it.

I have managed to see Jupiter and 4 of its moons as well as a little blue dot called Neptune and ... wait for it... Uranus!

Anyway, Tonight I spotted the moon was out so i
I carried the scope outside and tried my hand at taking a few pictures using just my mobile phone.

This is the surprisingly cool result.

The Moooooooon!!!!

I am really pleased with this picture and I can't wait to take some more.

EDIT: for those interested it is a Celestron 130eq and the phone used was a Sony Ericsson Xperia arc S. so now you know.


  1. Well done Mr H, for over thirty years we have had a telescope sitting somewhere about the house. It is only a very cheap 3 inch reflector but one family member who used if for a while bought a couple of good eye pieces. We have a little Samsung camera which, because it has a small lens I can point down the eyepiece to take pictures.

    My real complaint is how come the best nights to look at the sky are always the coldest ones of winter. Is God telling us man is not meant to look at the sky unless he has five pairs of long johns on and three thick jumpers, a woolly hat and thick gloves. Resulting in an inability to operate the controls of the telescope.

    But as they say in the movies KEEP WATCHING THE SKIES. I look forward to more pics Mr H and if you see an alien do not strip naked like Mr Jones, it is far to cold.

    1. Thanks Rob. It is true that its always coldest when its best to view. but i do have a nice pair of long johns with matching thermal vest, thick socks and a rather fetching flat cap to keep me going.
      I also already have a cold, so I figured I couldn't get any worse if i went out and had a peep.

    2. No pics tonight Mr H but I am told Friday night could be clear. . . .

    3. You never Rob. I've got to get rid of the sniffles, which have kept me inside all day today, but with this weather I don't really care! hahahahahha...coff...coff...hahahaha


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