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Monday, 19 November 2012

The Magical Cheese.

Here is a poem what I writted.

It is about cheese.


I believe in planes and cars,
In wagon wheels and milky bars.
I believe in knives and forks,
In question time and political talks.
I believe in chicken spread,
And a Sunday morning lie in bed.
I believe in work and play,
And every man should have his say.
And to make the day pass with ease
I use the power of the magical cheese.
The magical cheese is a friend to me,
The cost is cheap – in fact it’s free.
It helps us all to pass the day,
Keeping badness out of our way.
The cheese is golden like the sun,
But it will not burn you on the bum.
The cheese can be found all around,
Like in the air or underground.
It’s power is spread across the land,
From mountain top to beachy sand.
But all these words could never please,
If YOU don’t believe in magical cheese.


  1. I believe! I believe in anything that I would enjoy digesting. Will the magical cheese come floating down my chimney and fill my arteries with it's resplendent dairy fats?

    1. It will do what ever you want it to do. It will take your girlfriend shopping while the footi is on. It will do the washing up and fold your towels. It will even go to the gym for you because you still have not got around to cancelling that membership you took in January.
      It's THAT good.

  2. I believe in magical cheese.
    From the top of my head to below my knees.
    And if I sent an envelope full of bees.
    By return of post you could send some fleas.

    Hang on that's not right I don't want fleas in the post.
    I would rather have some cheese on toast
    Or maybe some of your Sunday roast.
    Which ever you think you could spare the most.

    Us RATs are all poets who do not know it.

    Well done Me H but for reasons I have not worked out yet I have an image of Dairy Lee cheese triangles floating about in the sky, I feel that was not meant to happen.

  3. You are up there with all the greats...Astley...Sinita...3 or 4 of 5 Star. carry on.


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