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Friday, 30 November 2012

Twitter and the Sexy Beast: A Champions Tale

Today I have been mainly basking in my own glory.

Google really does produce the most
amazing search results

This week has had me attacking twitter and the so-called celebrities within along @Olliethepigeon in an attempt to gain the most re-tweets and replies.

7 sevens have passed and the looser would have to ... well... you can see what the looser had to do here: 

But that pigeon isn't the looser.

the celeb's are. Between us, we must have sent over 200 begging, pleading and violent tweets and collectively we received a piss poor effort of 9 replies/re-tweets and famous followers.

That is rubbish.

Famous people are dicks. Ignorant and selfish and self absorbed morons who don't care about idiots like me who just need a little bit of justification for their existence.

So well done to @Olliethepigeon and Muppets For Justice for their efforts in what has been a very trying week.

Ollie is a sexy beast (but I am beastier!)

Carry on.

with special thanks to the ghost of Terry Nutkins. (see Twitter for more details)


  1. Well done and congratulations Mr H you are a celebrity among us RATs. One day that Stephen Fry will ask to join us and you will be able to say to him

    Remember that tweet I sent you, the one about the limping duck and the bicycle pump . . . . . . . . . Well on you bike Mr Fry . . . . Ooooo like your chocolate fry's cream though well done

  2. I came, I saw, I became increasingly confused. Then I checked out the tweets...nope, still confused... (though they were funny)


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