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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A Day At The Races. Part 1

Today is the start of Cheltenham.

It is a day where I have promised to spend my money on your say so.

Thanks to everyone who voted for BOYS NAMES. I hope it was the right choice.

I had no idea which horses would be running today but made my choices based upon boys names in the races running today.

The following list contains the bets I have made for today 12/03/2013.

13:30 Puffin BILLY @14/1 (1-3)
14:05 SIMONsig @4/6 (1-2)
14:40 Our MICK @9/2 (1-4)
16:00 Outlaw PETE @4/1 (1-4)
17:15 ARTHURS pass @12/1 (1-4)

I have placed single bets at 10p each way so the numbers in brackets indicate the position the horse can finish for me to still win money.

I have also placed these horses in an accumulator (each way - I’m not daft!) that could win a total of £90.27

On top of this I have placed these horses in a bet called Doubles Each way. This means that at least two of the horse must be placed for me to win any money back.

£1.22 has been wasted spent of these horses and a total of around £102 could be won in returns.

Keep ‘em crossed.

If I get at least my money back I reveal the top secret thing that I am not allowed to talk about but keep mentioning to make my life seen a little less boring.

Good luck everyone!

"My hobbies include sado masochism, Bestiality and Necrophilia - Am I just flogging a dead horse?"

I will be away from my computer today so will not know the results until tomorrow evening. But if all goes according to plan and this turns out to be fun (!!) then I might do it again.

If I end up skint.... then I probably won't bother. hahahahaha


  1. Outlaw Pete is a bit brazen entering a public race event when he's wanted by the law. He should have entered under a false name.

    Good luck Bumferry, and I hope that you split your winnings with us if you get any.

  2. Yes good luck with those horses I hope they are all in fine form and still own all their own legs. If I had some spare time I would go along to encourage them into first place. Apparently if you whisper . . . . Loose and its Tesco's car park . . . . in their ear, then they run like their life depends on it.

    Puffin Billy is what they called my granddad, I hope the horse can run faster than he can. . . .

  3. Good Luck Mr H. Keeping my fingers and legs (that will be a first) crossed. :)

  4. Oh dear. Outlaw Pete didn't even run till 17:15 so I don't think he stood much chance of winning the 4 o' clock. Perhaps you should knock this gambling lark on the head.

    1. Ah, that was not my fault. The race was cancelled and ran today. I am now going to check the results and see how many millions I have not won!


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